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Birth Made Easy

Birth Made Easy
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"wonderful book!"

I read this book leading up to my third birth and found it helped so much with breathing techniques. I also listened to the CD at night.

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"Not what I expected"

I expected to hate this book as I am not really interested in hypnobirthing etc, but the book was very useful and definitely a must for someone who does want to try hypnobirthing.

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"Relaxing and positive"

I have been reading the book and listening to the free CD as often as possible. I definitely feel more relaxed and positive about birth. I'm hoping to have a more natural birth without intervention (as far as possible) but don't think I would have been brave enough if it wasn't for this book. I found it a little bit difficult to follow as there weren't direct instructions in the book (ie how to use the book and CD to complement each other) but the more I read and the more I listened, the more it seemed to hit home. I've found the breathing techniques really useful and have used these in my normal day. All in all, I would definitely recommend!

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"Not what I was expecting!"

I expected to hate evry page of this book but I was very pleasantly surprised. This book was full of useful tips and covered every type of birth and the section on when things go wrong was particularly useful. If someone was interested in hypno birthing I would absolutely recommend this book as it was sensible, honest and most of all didn't promise a labour experience which for many isn't possible.

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"Very Easy Read"

This book is fantastic, it is very easy to read and has lots of very educational and interesting diagrams. The book explains all parts of pregnancy and birth very simply. It works on the principles of self-hypnosis, as i am already into that kind of thing i found it very informative and helpful and great for improving a positive mental attitude. Along with the free CD it teaches you some very useful techniques for when your giving birth. The book is great value for money as it includes a CD (with Paola's soothing voice), which makes the techniques she describes even easier to use. I would recommend.

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" A Great Read"

The book was an easy to read, short, informative tool to refer to as you wish, or read through in one go, it was an empowering read and has notes pages in the back and a cd to listen to also. It is great value for money and looks at all areas of pregnancy and birth, including c-section's and how to feel positive if things don't appear to be going to plan. I enjoyed the read and would recommend.

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