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bibi Snack Box

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"Good pots"

hi reviwed these pots: Nice little tubs, dont differ much from other ones that are similiar BUT i gave them my daughter whos 4 to take to school andthey are the only tubs she has been able to get the lid off herself. I do think they are a tad expensive but overall very good

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"Great for being prepared"

These small tubs come in a variety of colours, that are easy to store. Similar to many other types of food storage systems, except these are brightly coloured and can be your little ones very own pots. A bit expensive for storage pots but do the job well. The lid is secure enough and my 2 year old just about way to provide snacks for school, nursery, or grandparents.

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"Very Handy"

These little tubs are great for carrying snacks around for your little ones. Although you do need to make sure they are in a safe position in your bag or you may find the contents at the bottom, as the lids tend to come off quite easily. Which isn't so bad sometimes as it meant my eldest who is 4 could access her snack's with little problems. They are good for storing portions in the fridge. I liked them although I did feel they were slightly over priced.

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