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Best Baby Names For 2015

Best Baby Names For 2015
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"Def recommend"

I had already chosen the name for my baby girl when this arrived but I still found it an interesting read. I found the book had an excellent variety of names there were even names in there I hadn't heard before which is actually a first. I have already recommended the book to a close friend who has recently found out she is pregnant! Nice easy lay-out and good value for money.

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"A lovely little book"

The author has predicted the naming trends for next year, taking into account The Royals, bakers, and celebrity babies, as well as providing 100 'inspirational lists' of baby names that you may not have thought of: mostly consisting of celebrity names, names from well-known literature and historical/traditional names. Unlike some books that I have come across, Best Baby Names For 2015 has a very clear layout, separating the boys names from the girls, so that it is easy to flick through the names according to the sex. The names themselves are varied and diverse, featuring traditional, mythological and traditional names as well as more modern and contemporary names. Overall, this is a very handy little book that provides short little meanings per name, as well as a pronunciation guide. Useful and good value for money.

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"Fabulous Book"

After looking and reading through many baby books and articles, this is the first baby name book that I have picked up and enjoyed reading through. The opening chapters are easy reading and I found I had read through in no time. The inspiration lists are greatly put together, and I enjoyed reading out loud to my partner the popular names in films and shows. Already knowing I am expecting a girl, I spent my time flicking through the different girls names. There is a varied mix in this book of well-known names to some I have not come across before. I would definitely recommend and buy this book for any expecting mums that I know.

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"Deservedly the #1 best seller"

Having been bombarded with plenty of books and magazines since my partner fell pregnant, it was easy to pick out Siobhan Thomas' Best Baby Names for 2015 from the pile. There are over 8000 names, both classic and modern, listed alphabetically and split into separate sections for boys and girls. With each name, the pronunciation, meaning and origin are shown, along with alternative spellings. It also has a chapter based on the names of well-known sportsmen/women, musicians, history makers and nobel prize winners for some added encouragement. This book is perfect for anyone lacking inspiration, or wanting to have a giggle at the more bizarre names that people may call their child! Me and my partner have been able to settle on a name (Alexa) for our little girl due in December thanks to this book!

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