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"Great for a first time Dad"

I thought this was a great DVD for a first time Dad to be. It's vey light hearted and funny and covers a very wide number of topics - from when to tell everyone the news to the birth it's self. It was really useful to hear from professionals about these subjects as well as new Dads, at least I know I wasn't the only one in the same situation. I would have loved to have had this before my first little girl was born as my job meant that I couldn't attend classses with my wife and even though I was given every possible book to read, I never ever read them. The DVD format is great it this way as there are no pages to turn!! I have already passed this DVD on to 2 Dads to be who have also foundit very informative.

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"Men, beer and babies!"

The format was appealling to me, basically it was lots of different dads talking about their experiences, usually over a pint. Alongside this one dad to be walked and talked us through his experiences as we watched him and his partner go through their first pregnancy and birth. I quite enjoyed the DVD but I'm not sure how I would have felt as a dad to be. I am going to pass it on to a friend who is expecting his first child. My wife didn't particularly enjoy it and found it quite irritating at times. When we decide to have another child I will watch the DVD again.

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"excellent and very informative"

This was great light hearted and prepared the father for whats comeing up. It also covers those areas which sometimes happen that we have to face such as miscarrige and still birth. The DVD showed how men change and do generally grow up lots with the thought of becomeing a dad. The idea of dads going round with large bellys is a great idea and Iam sure that it would make us men think a little bit more about the women moaning and groanig. Finally why do pregnacy kits costs so much. I Think this was a great dvd and well worth watching.

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"Good fun introduction to antenatal classes"

This DVD gives a good introduction to many of the live changes to be expected throughout pregnancy and beyond. The DVD covers many different topics from money matters to the birth itself. In many ways it is like a quick run through what you will learn in many of the antenatal classes on offer, and having done both the NHS and NCT courses myself, I can tell you that this is somewhere in-between. For this reason, I would recommend this to anyone who is unable to attend courses (or chooses not to), or even if you are only going to one or the other. When I first got the DVD, my first thought was that this was going to tell you all the wrong things! From looking at the trailer, I thought that it was all going to be about London and be about "Lads". However, I was surprised that they do interview many different Dads from many different areas of Britain, including Scotland and Ireland. They also spoke to a wide range of Dads with many different walks of life. In some ways, it is not just about Dads, but covers things that new Mums will probably want to know about too. My Wife particularly enjoyed seeing a man in a pregnancy simulator! My only negative point would be to say that the scenes with the main character and his wife do seem to be "put on" - it could have easily done without some of these to make room for more informative and in depth discussion of some of the other topics that they seem to skirt over. However, they do add a bit of extra fun to the DVD at some points (the aforementioned simulator being one). All in all, this is worth a look at to give you an idea of some of the things you are about to face and make you realise that you are not alone - there are other Dads out there who probably feel the same way you do!

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"Better than a book!"

This is a very good way for new dads to be to go through what to expect in the months ahead. Having had numerous books thrust upon me by my partner on pregancy and birth, I found like most men, them a bit disinteresting. However sitting down in front of the box and having them pages and pages of info delivered to me in an hour DVD makes much more sense. It Also helps to be in DVD format so you can pop it on anytime for a quick refresher. I think it would make the perfect present for any new dad.

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"Lighthearted and informative."

This DVD would be really useful for first time parents and especially for dads to be. The dvd follows fathers through the numerous stages of pregnancy. It gives an insight to what your partner will go through and also how the changes affect fathers to be. It is lighthearted and has some funny stories and anecdotes. Therefore it is easy to watch and not delivered like a science lesson. I think the dvd is offers good value for money as I havent seen many other similar products on sale elsewhere. The cases it follows are real and you can tell this from the different fathers. This was good as it was not just actors reading froma script. I would buy or reccommend this for first time fathers although for me it was not as useful as I have three children.

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"Amusing DVD"

As a woman, I could never truly understand how pregnancy affects men. Obviously they don't have to carry the little treasure around for 9 months, nor endure labour at the end, but becoming a father has a profound affect on a man. This DVD is very enlightening, going through every stage of pregnancy and labour, with honest humour. Having everyday men share their experiences makes it easy to relate to, and the experts give helpful and easy to understand information. I had my partner watch this with me and he agreed that the dvd made pregnancy - and hormonal pregnant women! - easier to understand and cope with. Being a second time mum, some of the dvd was a bit redundant, but I do think first time parents could really benefit from watching it.

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