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Bandana Bibs

Bandana Bibs
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"Looking good"

I love these little bandanas their perfect for your little dribbler but would use them for weaning. It's nice to see a baby in a bandana and not a bib all the time and there are designers available to match your babies outfits. Plus they fasten with a press stud too do baby wont be able to pull it off like the velour ones.

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"value fo money"

I used these when my boy was teething and they where amazing. Super absorbing and very stylish. Def recommend to everyone

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"Love them!"

Love these bibs, my daughter uses the ones from www.lushbaby.co.uk they are spotty ones and are lovely. Doesn't ruin the look of her outfit.

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"lovely and soft"

i really like the design of the bib and it fit lovely and snug under babys chin stopping him from still getting wet under his chin. This is made from a really lovelt soft material as well and i like the fact that it fastens with a press stud so it stays put better. My only downside is that it could do to be just a little bit bigger. It didn't really catch a lot of sick when baby was sick after his bottles. Other than that i thought it was great.

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"Very stylish!!"

These are brilliant. Made of really soft material, great design, great choices of patterns and they wash really well too. They don't go out of shape or bobbly or fade. They are really are excellent & can't be faulted in anyway.

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"Very Stylish"

I was very impressed with the Bandana Bib. It doesn't look like normal bibs and actually just looked like like part of an outfit on some occasions. It washes well and the press stud fastening doesn't irritate the neck like the velcro bibs and doesn't stick to everything in the washer/dryer either!! It caught all the dribbles and I was surprised how absorbent it was. It certainly saved me changing tops all day and saved the amount of washing I had to do. I would certainly recommend this to other dribbling babies!

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"Excellent Go get some..."

When my Bandana Bibs arrived I couldnt wait to try them on the girls. I didnt think Lilli would like having it on but she wasnt bothered by it at all she kept stroking it. The material is so soft. Amelia also liked hers there are pics in my log of them in their bibs. No more changing t shirts constantly this is great the popper is a good way of fastening the bib and has two different ones so can be tighter or slacker round the neck. I have washed them a few times & even dried them in the tumble dryer they are excellent. Ive bought 3 more cant wait to get them. Every baby/toddler should have these xxx

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"Bandana Bib versus Baby Nathan..."

well i have to hand it to this bib cos it really surpassed expectations...my boy dribbles and dribbles and dribbles and usually, his bibs are soaked through within 10-15 minutes of being on (and that's if he hasn't pulled it off because it's soaking wet and annoying him!)... the length of the front of the bib made a HUGE difference because babies move (and my darling boy can move for all of London)...the 'popper' fastening has him confused - he can't figure out how to get it off! lol plus there are two settings so he won't outgrow it anytime soon... Daddy has lots of praise for this bib, too, as it sucked up what Nathan dealt it (pardon the pun) and didn't soak through to his clothes which has always been a cause for concern (damp chest). we were also impressed by the choice of patterns and it makes a great topic for conversation with other parents of dribbly babies.. so who won, you ask? baby or bib? well, i think it's a 'win/win' outcome...absorbent bib and dry baby - a definite thumbs up from our household...

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"i love these!!"

i couldnt wait for this to arrive as evie was starting to get sore under her neck from the bibs i was using at the moment from where the bib wasnt catching her dribble meaning it was running under chin. As soon as her bandana bib arrived, i put it on her and was thrilled how it caught all her dribble and milk from her bottle, keeping her nice and dry. its also a lovely soft material the clever design is fab how it gathers at the front, without it annoying them and trying to pull it off (evie has a habit of trying to pull at her old bibs). people i didnt know stopped me when i took her out to say how cute and trendy it looked, so much nicer then her old bibs. I washed it on the first night and it was perfect and dryed in no time. i have since ordered some more bibs, the choices are great and would also make a lovely gift. i highly recommend these, and are worth paying that little bit more. evie has not had a sore/red neck since!

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"Very impressed"

My daughter is teething at the moment and perpetually dribbling. I hate ruining her outfits with bibs so this is ideal. The towelling is an excellent fabric as it is stain resistant and very absorbant. It also does not require ironing and the popper fastening is great as unlike velcro is doesn't irrittate delicate necks. The design of the bib is excellent as it gives a close fit but not tight. This held loads of drool and spilt water and didn't look 'wet' even at bedtime. The front of the bib was saturated but the back remained dry as did my daughter's clothes. I am very impressed with this product and will be buying more.

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"Absolutely Fab !!"

When the bandana bib first arrived I couldn't wait to give it a go as my daughter seems to have dribbled constantly due to teething for what seems like months ! And in spite of wearing bibs her dribble was so bad and upset her so much as it would run down her neck and onto her top and naturally as time progessed it would become cold and uncomfortable so I was really keen to see if the bandana bib could make a difference and minimise outfit changes. First impressions were that the style of this bib was very similar to another we had used but how wrong was I ?!! This bib is superb, the style, the fit and fabric is far superior to any other bib we've tried and most importantly it works !! The bib has the option of two popper fasteners and although not a snug fit it actually sits where it should and captures that nasty dribble and takes it away from your little one's skin. The top layer of the bib is a lovely soft fabric and although this did get wet the back of the bib which is fleecy stayed dry and my little one stayed dry all day - absolutely brilliant. I've washed it several times and it's dried no problem over night ready for use the next day and it doesn't even need ironing !! India usually complains about wearing a bib but she happily accepted wearing the bandana bib and gets it for me each morning from the radiator ... going to order some more but I'm having difficulty deciding which ones as they all look lovely. I'd definitely be buying some more of these and would recommend them to other mums to use when their little ones are teething - a great product and well worth the price.

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"wonderful...wish I'd got one years ago"

I love Jacobs Bandana Bib. The all round design means that even when he's breastfeeding any milk he dribbles out gets caught by the bib and with a conventional bib it just drips down the side and gives him a sore neck. Also he dosen't pull at it so he won't get sores where he's been pulling (which is why we had to stop using bibs before). And I love the design....very trendy. I'll be putting in an order for more bandana bibs.

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"Fab & Funky!"

I got a bandana bib for my youngest son who is 9 months old. He's a real dribbler & with conventional bibs I was having to change them every 30 mins or so as they were soaking right through to his top & even his vest! Very annoying!!! I couldn't wait to try the bandana bib out. It arrived at lunchtime & I put it straight on my son. I checked it after 30 mins & although the top layer of material was wet, the backing material was really dry. I kept checking & checking, in the end he had it on until tea time so it was a good 4/5 hours & it still kept his clothes lovely & dry. I was amazed! I washed it on a gentle cycle as recommended & dried it on the radiator for the next day - it dried in no time! The material is lovely & soft against his skin & the bibs come in a great range of colours & designs, plus they look really funky - a lovely accessory to an outfit rather than the usual big, boring bibs that cover the whole of your baby's outfit! I have already ordered another bib as I have been so impressed with the bandana bib! I would definately recommend them to anyone, they are great! The price is reasonable too, they are a bit more expensive than the normal bibs I used to buy but they are so worth the extra bit of money for keeping my son's clothes dry!

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