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Banana Boat Sun Protection Stuff

Banana Boat Sun Protection Stuff
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"Banana Boat Baby sunscreen spray."

I used the Banana Boat Baby tear free 50spf sunscreen spray on our recent holiday to Greece. My youngest son had just turned one and as he is a red-head with fair skin I was very worried about him being in the sun out there as it was 40 degrees! The spray is in a lovely pink spray bottle & its really easy to spray & rub in. It's white when you spray it on & is fab because there is no fragrance to it so you know it's designed for baby's sensitive skin. It was quick to apply with the spray bottle (which can only be a good thing when trying to cover a wriggly one year old in sunscreen!) & absorbed really well without leaving any greasy marks! It is water resisitant and I found that it protected him for quite a while in the water & I just topped him up when he came out & was dried off. It definately did the trick as he didn't burn at all during our one week stay & it was extremely hot & we were outside most of the time! Its a great product that I would definatley recommend to other moms!

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"Banana Boat Kids sunscreen Aerosol spray."

I used the Banana Boat Kids tear free 50spf sunscreen aerosol spray on our recent holiday to Greece. My eldest son is 3.5 years old & has red hair & a very pale complexion so I was worried about him burning. I know from previous experience how much he hates having thick lotion rubbed into his skin so I thought this aerosol spray would be a great idea! It comes out in a very fine mist which is fantastic for covering large areas without too much rubbing in! On holiday I got him to stand on a towel about a metre away from me & told him to twirl around while I sprayed him! It worked really well & he thought it was great fun, so it was much less hassle than the conventional lotions! It was done in seconds & I just gave him a quick rub to make sure he was well covered! It was great & he didn't burn in the slightest the whole time we were away. I think it's a great product & will definately be buying this for him in the future! It takes a lot of the time & hassle out of protecting your little one from the sun!

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