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Babys LapTop

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As soon as I opened the lap top Lilli was playing with it immediatley she loves it, the noises and flashing lights. The way the little mouse is shaped like a mouse is so cute. So now when I am on my lap top Lilli goes on hers, I have put some photos in my blog of her playing on it. Im sure her little sister will love it too when she is older.

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"Entertained for ages"

Was looking at this for a while and finally decided to get Lacey it, thank god i did as she absolutely loves it! She will press all the buttons on it and laugh and then slam it shut and then open it and laugh again! Lacey goes on her laptop whilst i go on mine and it keeps her occupied! It is light enough for her to pick up and easy enough for her to open and close, so she doesnt need me to help her with it every 5 seconds like a lot of toys!

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