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"brilliant for little hands - great value"

These are fantastic. Perfect size for little hands to get used to using cups instead of beakers and bottles. They are durable and the colours are great and really help to get my little boys interest in them. He loves practising drinking out of them too once he has drank all his water out of them (or had fun spilling it) They are a little pricey BUT I would definitely say that these are great value for money and I will be buying some more.

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"Great Idea"

I was a bit sceptical about this cup at first thinking it was just a fad and waste of money, it just looks like a plastic "shot glass" - after having used it a few times my thoughts were reversed I love using it, not only is it easy for my daughter to use but it is also very practical. As my daughter is breast fed she does not use a bottle and these little cups have a measuring gauge on them so i can keep an eye on the amount of fluids she is taking in aside of her breast feeds. The cups are also small enough that if there is a spill it's not too much to worry about they are very durable after having hit the tiled floor numerous times they are still intact!

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These cups are great theyre bright colours make them fun and interesting. I like the marker on the cups to show how much is in there although not all of it gets into my little man! Even with spillages its not a lot to clear up . They're easy to hold and sip from! A welcome addition to our household and have since purchased another set!

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These cups are great! I was a bit sceptical at first and thought we'ed have most of the contents on the floor but I was pleasantly surprised! My 16 month old mastered these in a day and we haven't looked back since. They come in a variety of colours and 4 to a pack which is great. They also have a little measuring gauge which is good to know how much your little one is drinking. My son really enjoys practicing drinking from these cups and I will definitely be getting more for our next addition.

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"Fab idea"

I wasn't sure about this product at first as every time my one year old got a cup in his hands he poured it all over himself, but when I put some juice into the babycup, it was the perfect size for his little hands, the first time he used it, it was a but of a mess but the next time he got the hang if it and loved using a big boy cup like his big brother.

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"Nice idea!"

These are a really lovely item and a great way of introducing toddlers to a cup. They are perfect size for little fingers and really inviting in such bright colours. Do be prepared for a mess to start off with though!!

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