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BabyCare TENS Elle

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"Excellent product"

I used the TENS Elle for most of my 33 hours of labour. It was easy to use and the instruction booklet was very clear (I'm a techno phobe). It gives the option of continual pulses and a boost button for each contraction. This really helped as it gave me something positive to do and I really found the boost option a lifesaver as it gave a totally different relaxing 'wave' sensation which helped keep me calm during a difficult labour. Would use again.

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"Easy to use!"

Although I didn't get to try the TENS during the labour itself (as I had a section) I did get to use it from 37 weeks of pregnancy to help ease my chronic back pain & it worked a treat! It was dead easy to set up, a little awkward to put the pads in place yourself, so you'll need someone to help with that bit, but once its in place...its fantastic. I found that while I was the machine I wasn't getting any back pains atall and for a while after using it, I was pain free. Regular use is the key to keeping the pain at bay. I've also used it to help with healing of my section scar, again it really helped with the pains afterwards. I was a little worried about using it for this incase it made the pain worse, but it really didn't...it feels wierd but very soothing. My mum has also borrowed the unit to help with knee pain, she is on the hospital waiting list for an operation but has been suffering really bad & was so impressed with the effect that the TENS had on her pain , that she went out & bought her own unit!!! Its great for all sorts of aches & pains and definately well worth buying. It would be interesting to have found out how effective it was for labour pains, but if the other pains are anything to go by, then I'd assume that it would be a really effective, natural way to deal with the pain during labour!

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Brilliant product! I used this when I went into labour with my daughter, whilst I was at home.It definitely helped with the pain, for the first two hous at lest, by then I was 6cm dialated and needed something stronger! I'll certainly be using it next time!

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"Great pain relief"

I used the Babycare Tens Elle machine for both my labours and did not need any otherpain relief apart from gas and air at the end. Easy to use, you adjust the settings when you feel a contraction coming. I kept it on when I was getting stitched up and I feel it really helped.

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"Either it works or I'm a lot braver than I think!"

I was a little sceptical as to whether the tens machine would help but I was willing to try anything to avoid major pain relief being needed during birth. I bought the Elle tens second hand from ebay and carried it with me in my handbag from about 37 weeks onwards. I ended up getting contractions at 3am on a Saturday morning. Knowing that I didnt want to remove it once I had started using it I waited until around 9am (after a shower) to start using the tens machine. I'm not sure if it was pain relief or just a distraction but one way or the other it worked! I used the boost button during contractions and by the time I made my way to hospital and they examined me I was already fully dilated. I honestly dont think labour was unbearable and at no point throughout did I ever have regular contractions. In hospital I only made use of the gas and air during pushing and being stitched up and it was only after this was all finished and I was getting up to have a shower that I realised the tens was still attached and buzzing away!

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"Great for taking mind off things"

I used this for most of my labour and found that early on it was very effective pain relief. However, later on in labour was not that effective for pain relief but did give you something to focus on. Very easy to use and had lots of different settings so you could increase power as labour progressed. Also very good in terms of battery usage. Would most definitely use again.

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