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BABYBJÖRN new Baby Carrier Mini

BABYBJÖRN new Baby Carrier Mini
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The BabyBjörn Baby Carrier Mini is designed to help you during those first months of parenthood when your baby needs around the clock attention. The baby carrier is small, soft and very easy to use so you can keep your newborn close to you and give your arms a break from holding them.

Babies are soothed by skin-to-skin contact and the soothing sound of a heartbeat, so the BabyBjörn Baby Carrier Mini allows your newborn to rest easily on your chest and feel comfortable and content being so close to you.

The BabyBjörn Baby Carrier Mini is easy to put on and is made up of two separate parts: the straps and the baby carrier. The carrier section fastens onto the straps so that you can easily take it off while your baby is sleeping. Once you have clipped the carrier onto the straps, you can slip your newborn into the BabyBjörn Baby Carrier Mini with no fuss.

The soft, cuddly fabric of the BabyBjörn Baby Carrier Mini provides total support for your baby's back, hips and legs, so that it is safe and comfy for your newborn. The front section of the carrier can be completely unfastened, making it nice and easy to get your baby in and out.

If you have a newborn that loves being held in your arms all the time, then you should definitely consider getting the BabyBjörn Baby Carrier Mini so that you can use your hands for other things, while still keeping your baby close.

Main Features:

  • Easy to use with less straps and buckles than other carriers
  • Soft, good quality fabric
  • Front section unfastens so that you can easily lift your baby out
  • Good support for the baby

What we like

  • Great for newborns: Many baby carriers are targeted for babies who are a couple months old so the BabyBjörn Baby Carrier Mini is an amazing product for newborns.

  • Made from soft material: The soft, flexible fabric of the BabyBjörn Baby Carrier Mini ensures that it is comfortable and that it won't irritate the sensitive skin of your newborn. It is also very durable and machine washable.

What we dislike

  • Quite expensive: The BabyBjörn Baby Carrier Mini is fairly expensive for something that your baby will grow out of in a few months but it is definitely very useful to have while it fits.

Customer Reviews

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"Great carrier simple and easy to use"

I received this carrier this morning and I just had to review right away! This is the first baby carrier I’ve tried, I was a bit hesitant to try as there are so many different types and I didn’t know where to start.. My one month old baby loves to be held constantly but as a mum to a two year old as well I struggled with having to put him down to do things for my daughter. Not anymore! I can now prepare meals, wash up, play with my daughter all whilst holding a now very calm and content settled baby. The material is super soft and good quality and a trendy colour. The design it’s self is really simple and I found it easy to put on, do up and put my baby in by myself. It’s also easy and simple to take off too. I feel like my son must be very comfortable in here as he fell asleep in seconds the first time we used. So pleased with the product will deffo recommend! Thhe only reason I have given a 4 star instead of 5 as I’m a plus size woman with large breasts and I feel like the straps could be made a little larger to accommodate plus size parents a little more. Although I am able to wear comfortably I feel like this could limit parents that are slightly bigger than me particularly men who may be that bit broader also. But other than that I cannot fault the product at all.

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"Wonderful and easy to use "

This is the first baby carrier iv ever used, my little one was only 7 days old when I tried him in it for the first time. I was a little hesitant to try him in it as he looks way to small to be in one. When I put him in it he was unsettled but after a while he settled and fell asleep. The material/ carrier is very good quality, soft and a lovely colour. It's very easy to put on/ take off. I'm a plus size woman with large breasts and the straps fit comfortably. This product is perfect for doing the school run with my 5 year old.

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"The perfect carrier for a newborn!"

I couldn't recommend this carrier any more! It is so easy and comfy to put on. It is very high quality and made of the nicest fabric. It isn't very hot either so is perfect for the summer! I can see that they are available in lots of colours. We had the blue one which was perfect for both myself and my partner.

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"Excellent Carrier"

Recieved my BabyBjörn Mini this morning and already I think it's wonderful. The material is lovely and soft and in the recent hot weather I can see it will be much cooler and breathable than some of the other carriers I have. It's super easy to use and it was very easy to get my baby in and out of the carrier. Baby looked and felt comfortable and supported and I was able to do some jobs round the house before using it to pick my eldest up from nursery without worrying about him falling or slipping. It's definitely something I will continue to use and would recommend it as a carrier for newborns and smaller baby's.

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"Fab carrier"

I was excited to use this carrier as l usually use a wrap type sling which can be too warm in the summer months. we got the grey mesh carrier as it was neutral and lightweight for the summer months. the carrier looked a little complicated when we got it out of the box but the instructions and pictures were easy to follow and the clips on the carrier were colour coordinated which made it really straight forward and easy to use. I'm not usually a fan of structured carriers for newborns as they are often quite rigid and hard for their delicate bodies but this one is super soft and flexible and baby was snug and comfortable (well l'm presuming it was as baby stayed asleep the whole time!) husband was more than happy to use as it was so easy to put on and take off especially compared to our wrap slings. Overall a great carrier.

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"An excellent product"

I found this carrier to be really useful. The material is lovely and soft perfect for newborn skin. It is easy to alter the carrier for different body shapes. My husband 6'2", and myself 5'6". It is very comfortable to wear. The black colour looks sleek. We also found it very intuitive to adjust it to the right size for our baby. The tape measure on the carrier is very clear. The pictures in the instructions are also clear & helpful. We found our newborn was a lot more secure in the carrier than in the sling where she would flip down into an unsafe position. Which made it perfect as she likes to be held. So it kept hands free while keeping her safe & happy. I would recommend this product to new mums as one of the main times babies like to be in carriers are the first few months. This carrier covers this new born period perfectly.

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"Love, love, love this carrier"

I have loved using this carrier for many reasons, it is so simple to set up and use, far more simple than other carriers I have tried. The material is so soft and comfortable and a lovely colour too. My husband has enjoyed using this carrier just as much as I have and often prefers to be the one to use it. We have older children (toddlers) which means I am a little wary of putting baby down as I need eyes in the back of my head, but having this carrier means I can carry the baby around the house without any problems and feel comfortable while doing so. And more importantly, baby is happy to be in there. I have found with other carriers, there are lots of straps and clips to navigate, but with this carrier, the sliding clips make it so easy to use and because of the simplicity of it, means that baby is carried in it how it is meant to be, close to parent and in the correct position.

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"My new favourite bit of baby equipment"

When I recieved this item I was please by the appearance.. it's in a compact box and when it is opened up the carrier is a nice grey colour suitable for use by myself or my husband without him feeling out of place. The carrier itself is soft and does not feel like other carriers which I often find to be too hard and uncomfortable. It is very easy to adjust and get on even with being a bigger woman.. it is then a very smooth move to get baby in and positioned with out any major problems. I like the way the fastenings are that alloe you to use one handed. When I put my baby in the carrier she was instantly comfortable. She was in a very good position and just dropped off to sleep with ease. I was walking at the time and have also used this while shopping in the supermarket, doing the nursery run and I have even used it around the house as she just seems to be so happy in the carrier. It allows for that closeness we all love in the first few months. I already have a couple of friends who would love one. Thank you for the opportunity to review this fantastic item.

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"comfortable easy to use "

Brilliant easy to use. when I first received the carrier i got it out right away. I have used the older version before and was highly impressed with this new model. Its very soft and comfortable for newborn babies. was very easy to put on your self. I did find that the body was a bit long for my little girl but still was supportive on her head. Even my husband gave it ago. at first my little girl cried but then settled after a moment. we gave it 4 out of 5 stars as my husband felt the 2 clips at bottom which is the main support for baby was not very strong and thought that the could easily snap off. overall its a great carrier and cosy for newborns. I even had a go with my 23lb son who fit but would not say he would be comfortable for very long.

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"awesome "

Very comfortable and soft lovely neutral grey colour so my husband didn't fell out of place when using it, we went away for the bank holiday and used the carrier although it was hot out baby didn't feel hot or get over heated which was good. Very easy to put on and take of again, as the material was soft it was uncomfortable wearing for long periods of time and the straps didn't dig into your shoulders which was a bonus, I would definitely recommend this carrier for anyone want to baby wear.

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"Appears to be a good all round carrier"

From the short useage we have had of the carrier so far it appears to be a good carrier for young babies. It is easy enough to put on and feels secure once it is on. It is a sturdy material and appears to offer comfort and support for our baby. The carrier supports the ergonomic position that babies should be carried in. The carrier itself is lightweight and comfortable to wear. It will be perfect for walks with the toddler in tow and the nursery run. The body appears to be a bit long for our newborn and although it supports his head well it also seems to drown his head a little so we are going to wait until he is a couple more weeks older before we really start using it for longer trips. From our limited use with our newborn we feel the carrier will get used lots by us and certainly would recommend to.others that want a carrier for the younger baby.

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"Love it "

My only experience of a baby carrier prior to his was the one my parents used on me and my siblings over 30 years ago. I did not have high hopes for this one as I assumed all baby carriers were heavy and uncomfortable and rucksack like. To my surprise this was soft, comfortable and easy to use. My 3 month old fell asleep easily inside and I found it very comfortable to wear. It’s easy to move around in meaning you can get jobs done around the house if needed and it was easy to adjust to fit my husband.

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