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Baby Touch: Hello Daddy

Baby Touch: Hello Daddy
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"Great for my baby"

My little girl aged 14 months likes the touch and feel books. It has thick pages so I can let her hold the book knowing she cannot rip it. She interacts with the book, with the bright colours and bold pictures. Also having parts of the book to feel keeps her interest. She loves the mirror at the back. Very pleased with the book and would buy it at it's retail price. A few more pages would be good. We often go through the book several times in a row.

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"A new favourite"

My little one has always been a fan of books and this appears to be his new favourite. He particularly likes touchy feely books and this is a lovely size for him to be able to handle but also not too big and bulky to pack with you for on the go entertainment. It is priced at an amount that wouldn't put me off future purchases and overall we really like it!

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"very good book"

We've had the book since yesterday and it's been read a few times already. My little boy isn't really into the touchy bits but smiels when I'm reading the book.

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"fantastic book "

I have only had this book since this morning and already been read many times. Great book, hard wearing, Suitable for my 9 month old girl but also my 4 year old autistic son loves it. The parts for babies/children to feel are an adequate size for little fingers, pages are easy for little ones to turn. Great value for money, very pleased with the book, may have to complete the set.

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