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Baby Names 2014

Baby Names 2014
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"Excellent Resource"

Having never gone through this process before, i found this book very informative. Especially the section on how to register the birth. I never thought that choosing a name would be so difficult and this book helps overcome a lot of the questions you wish you knew answers to but were to scared to ask someone for the fear of looking stupid. This book provides a great insight into various things to consider when choosing the right name for your baby. We don't know the gender of our new arrival, so i liked the way the book was split into boy/girl sections and listed alphabetically. Being of Hindu origin, I was quite surprised the number of names that were listed within this book, which makes it very appealing to all different ethnicity's. However I would have liked the names to go into the background a little further in terms of being Hindu, Muslim or Sikh for further clarity. Every time I read this book, I like a new name and it gets added to the short-list. With this list , I know when we see the little one arrive, we will have a name from our chosen list.

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"Great Resource"

Although I already had a number of "Baby Name" Books - I found the Baby Names 2014 Book by Ella Joynes to be a great resource. At 30 weeks pregnant, we still didn't have a list (let alone a short list) of potential names for our new baby. In the main the book is really easy to use, has the traditional long lists of both Boys names and Girls names. But what stands this book apart its competitors is the fact that Part One of the Book has 5 Chapters that talks about "What names were hot in 2013, What does 2014 hold for Baby names, Helpful hints and tips to choosing your babies name and then guidance on how to register a name and then how to name multiples". I also loved the fact that the book had snippets throughout of different types of names (e.g. Names of Gods, Birds names, Welsh versions of names etc) but what I would have liked to have seen is an index of these snippets. However, it didn't detract from the overall usefulness of the book. I still don't know what my baby is going to be called but at least I know have a short list to consider!

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"Loads of names"

Along with your usual boy and girl name lists this book is a good read, to give you the name meanings. It has lots of top names under there own headings ie name of gods, popular french names. At the beginning you have a few very useful chapters too including tips to help you choose babies name, naming twins and triplets. Although i already had a name for our little girl, i have enjoyed this very easy to read and simple to use book. Excellent book for anyone who is struggling to find the perfect name/names for there bundle of joys. Value for money you wont be disappointed.

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"I love this book!"

This baby name book is fantastic! With our second baby due just a few weeks away, we had absolutely no names picked out, and were very much starting to panic. We had been down all the normal avenues of name apps and older books that we had from having our daughter but to no avail. Well, within the first few pages of Baby Names 2014 it had given us a lot of food for thought, with great suggestions as to what to think of when picking a name such as current trends, celebrity and royal names, and also some great ideas as to what would be popular in coming years. If I was a first time parent I would have definitely found the information on how to register your baby and the procedures behind it very useful indeed. The layout of the names themselves was clear and easy to follow, with some great alternative spellings under each name. There is also a great selection of names, from different cultures and also for people looking for 'different' names like ourselves. I absolutely love the little nuggets of information dotted throughout the name section too such as popular names from other countries and times. Nice and compact, easy to follow, informative and even funny in parts. We now have our names picked, so I would highly recommend it!

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"What will it be...."

I have received my baby names 2014, oh how exciting. Its lovely to read through the popular names and the wayout ones do make us laugh. The kids find the book easy to read and open regularly flicking through suggesting the names they can read. The book itself is a good size and print is easy to read. Its got sooo many ideas and catagories we find some thing new each time we open it. This book it not as boring as the ones I remember having with my other pregnancys. Its giving the family a topic of conversation that allows the kids to be involved they love it.

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"Fab book!"

Both my partner & I have really enjoyed going through the names in this book to try to decide what to call our wee peanut. The names are split into boy and girl sections and alphabetically listed with little mini categories all the way through too. The start of the book also gives some advice on how to pick the perfect name and some of the things to think about which was really interesting and definitely got us thinking. We still haven't agreed 100% on names but have managed to compile a short list using the book so will hopefully come to a firm decision soon. Would definitely recommend to anyone feeling the need some 'name inspiration', very easy read.....

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"Does the job with some good extra info!"

This book is very user friendly. It is easy to distinguish between boy/girls names and holds a variety of English and foreign names with meanings. The first section is actually a very good read and provides some interesting information for consideration. The current positioning of names in different areas was very useful if you are hoping to avoid or choose a popular name. The "unfortunate names" section was funny to read and showed just how important the name choice is. Overall this is a good baby name book and does the job of providing inspiration for your baby name.

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"A Great Read for All!"

Being a first time Mum-to-be deciding on a name for our little miracle seemed like a massive task - but this book was a fantastic help. Unlike some of the other books out there available to buy at the moment, Baby Names 2014 was a nice easy to use size, not too bulky and very easy to read. The hints and tips at the beginning of the book about choosing the right name, being careful with the name you pick and thinking about the future any name you do pick could have on your child was a great help - some names you think are wonderful don't quite sound as good when you put them together with certain surnames or middle names! There's even a great section in the book for those who have been blessed with twins or triplets - hard enough picking one name, but picking two or three at the same time - I couldn't even begin to imagine! We also liked the popular name boxes you have throughout the book which gave us a little something extra to think about. Happily we think we've chosen a name for our little boy now (and we've even picked a little girls name too just in case!). Overall, a great book and a great price too!!

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