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Baby-Led Breastfeeding

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"Great book"

I bought this book with my first daughter and it was fab. It gives clear detail about BLW and how to do it, I really found the research part behind BLW useful. It made our BLW journey easy and lots of fun

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"Why couldnt I have this book at the beginning!"

Why couldnt I have this book at the beginning of my breastfeeding journey? It should be handed out before birth. Its brillant. Answers so many common concerns in a clear concise easy to read way. It has a quick reference guide at the back of the book which is invaluable when you are sleep deprived and need reassurance and answers! Co sleeping, tandem feeding, feeding whilst pregnant and extended breast feeding are all discussed in this book in a refreshing open way. The images are modern and inspiring and the text means you can read in by either dipping in and out or by chapters. This book is going to be well read and referred to and shared amongst my friends. If you read one parenting book read this!

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