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"A goregous cardigan"

This cardigan is absolutely gorgeous. The quality and design of the outfit is really good. For me personally the price is not something I'd pay as we're on a budget. The size is for newborns, though the sizing is generous - up to 10lbs, so should last for a good few weeks. If I was to receive this as a present, buy as a gift, or if our budget was larger than I would be more than happy with this purchase. The good thing about this product is that the design is unisex and as the quality is so good it would be something that could be put by if we choose to have another child.

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"an excellent product"

This item looks more expensive that it is. The price is too high end for my budget with how fast he is growing but i would most definatly buy this when he is a tad older. For people who like to pay that little bit extra for their childrens clothing, i would recommend this paticular item as it is great value for money. If my son did not grow so fast and be out of it within a month, this would be a garenteed keeper for me personally. The thickness of the cardigan provides enough to keep heat in but is not to thick to allow the body to breathe. Plus with a cute little hood, my sons head is protected from the elements. It washed alot better than i expected it too and still looks in perfect condition. My son, who is usually fussy with a hood, must have been comfortable wearing this as he slept through his usual feeding time! I recieved lots of comments from mums at our local parent and toddler group regarding how nice this cardigan was and questions of how to buy it etc. I would most definatly recommend this cardigan and will absolutly be heading to TheEssentialOne.com when he is around 6 months to buy more clothing!

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"fantastic cardigan "

this is a fantastic cardigan of excellent quality, it is really well made and thick enough to wear without a coat. The cardigan is lovely and soft and comes in a neutural colour meaning it can be used with any outfits, everyone has commmented on how lovely it is and asked where it was from. Although it cost a little more then i normally pay, it certainly is great value for money and i would reccomend it to everyone.

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"love it :)"

this cardigan is brill, well made and will keep my wee man nice and cosy in the winter months, i definatly pay 18.99 for one,the colour is great, all in all fantastic value for money.

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"beautiful cardigan"

Absolutely love this cardigan. Beautifully wrapped, had a nice scent and feels lovely. It's nice & thick so we've been using it instead of a coat on our 2 week old baby. It washes well. It fitted my newborn well and easy to get on. The price is more than I would pay for a newborn item considering they grow out of it so quickly however the cardigan feels good quality. Thrilled to have had the opportunity to review this product. Would recommend this product if people willing to pay the price

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"Good quality "

This cardigan is made out of good quality material, looks good, feels soft and keeps my 12 week old baby boy very warm. After hand washing this and dryng it on the clothes rail inside, it looks as good as new ever time. I had problems finding a cardigan with buttons as most cardigans in shops lately are zips that catch babys neck, so when i cam accross this one i was well pleased. The only downside to me is the price as i think £18.99 for something a baby will outgrow within weeks is a bit high. Overall tho a very good cardigan.

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"Great for trips out"

This cardigan has been great for my little girl so far. She was a 9lb-er but there seems to be enough room for her to grow a little into it. We've been layering it up with a vest and top for trips out. We tend to carry her in a sling so with our body heat keeping her warm, layering with this weight cardi means she doesn't overheat. It's breathable as it's not lined (except the hood), and as it's very soft fabric it doesn't need to be lined anyway. The arms are also big enough to get her arms in without too much of a fight; lots of jumpers and cardigans are impossible to get on if she has long sleeves on underneath. I don't think it's overly expensive for what it is, if you compare it to the rest of the market. It's well made and will last, and washes well. Many of the cheaper clothes are effectively 'disposable' as in the short time a baby is in them they're ruined. At least this can be re-used or handed on to others. I've given it 4/5 only because I do tend to wonder how clothes this small can be the same price as adult clothes. I guess it's a quality thing. An adult cardigan made to the same design/quality would cost considerably more. My only two minor criticisms are these: the integrated hood is excellent for keeping baby's head warm without worrying about losing it like a hat, but it does seem disproportionately large! I'm sure my daughter will have outgrown the cardi before she's grown a brain large enough for the hood! It also doesn't really feel all that 'unisex'. I'm not sure if it's the colour or design, but she does look like a little boy in it. That may be just down to the fact that it's notoriously difficult to tell with newborns unless they're in pink/blue though!

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"great quality"

lovely cardigan that easily matched everything. fitted well although i think the hood was slightly big for my daughter, most are though. cost more than i usually spend on a cardigan and probably wouldn't of brought it myself. Saying that though the quality was brilliant and ideal for wear in and out the house. kept my daughter never too warm and never too cold

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