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Baby Bjorn Smart Potty

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"fantastic design"

The new smart potty is perfect in every way.It so easy to clean which is a total bunus when it comes to emptying it out.There is a seperate white part that just lifts out so its impossible to have a spillage.The potty is really deep which also help when carring it, also the colour helps see any marks that might be left behind so you can easily keep it hygenic. It small but very sturdy, and would be ideal for smaller bathrooms with minimal space. The soft lines of the potty makes it comfortable for callum to sit on,and easy to wipe clean, It has a rubber outter part on the underneath of the potty so on hard floor (like most bathrooms) it doesn't slide around, i haven't seen this on any other potty. It comes in 6 different bright colours but callum has the blue one which goes with the colour of my bathroom and doesn't look out of place. Ive tried other potties that have cost in the region of £30 and have ended up not using them simply because they were harder to clean and bulky. This pottie is great value for money and i think any mother potty training would be pleased with it.

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"Lovely potty"

Eleanor (aged two and four months) has been using this potty for a week now, and it has become her potty of choice. She is my second child to go though potty training and we have a number of pottys around the house, but since this one arrived this is the one that she alway makes for. It is slighty bigger than the basic cheap pottys that you can pick up, but smaller than a potty chair. The one we tested is in a lovely shade of blue with the standard white insert. There are non slip grips on the bottom which would prevent it moving on a slippery surface like a laminate or tiled floor. The white insert is deep so we have had no spills, and she like to empty her own potty into the toilet, and it also has a high lip at the front which would stop little boys weeing over it (the first child I potty trained was a boy and that happened all the time with his potty chair). It is slighty more expensive than I would have hoped to pay for what looks like a ordinary potty, but having tested it I wouldn't hesitate to recommend it to other parents and shopping around you can get it quite a bit cheaper.

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"A great potty!"

My little girl has had a cheap potty since she was around 13 months old but would never sit on it and just pushed it around the floor like a car. At only 18 months old she is young to start potty training but we have had some success. The Baby Bjorn Smart Potty is a lovely sturdy and well made potty. It has a removable white pan insert which is excellent for cleaning and nice and deep to prevent spills. It must be really comfortable too as Imogen will happily spend 15 minutes on it reading a book without getting pins and needles. It has a non slip bottom which has prevented it from being pushed around the floor like a car and is great on our laminate and bathroom tiles. It also comes in a great range of colours to suit you child or your bathroom decor. At around £20 it is a little expensive but I would say most definatly worth it.

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"Lovely potty, unfortunately didn't encourage my son"

This potty didnt look too different to other basic potty's that I have seen on the market. We had a white one which isnt the most exciting colour to children. But I like the fact that its made out of a durable material that can take some throwing around without being damaged, and the removable part for emptying is a great idea although my son did work out very quickly that it comes apart. The grip is also very good to help prevent it sliding around on wooden floors, tiles etc. Unfortunately my son is very reluctant to potty train and I had hoped this new potty being delivered would give him some interest. Instead he took an instant dislike (which I dont think was the potty's fault) and has refused to use it since apart from sitting on it a few times but not actually using it. I think perhaps he needs a potty which will provide more encouragement/fun but obviously these types will cost more money. Overall I would say that this is a perfect potty for basic potty training (children who arent so adverse to using a potty) and I think it would be great for travelling/holidays. But for some children, like my son, it may not provide the encouragement they need being a fairly basic potty.

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"Aided potty training"

I'm posting this in addition to my review below, as my son has recently started potty training (after i'd posted my review). Just a few quick words really to say that the potty has really helped. We have laminate flooring and the potty hasnt slipped from under him once, he's found it easy/comfortable to sit on, and the extra-high lip at the front has ensured that nothing escapes onto the floor. I've found the removable insert brilliant for ease of emptying/cleaning, and the quality of the potty is so good that I think it would last a good few children (if you are planning a large family or want to pass it down to friends/family). A little expensive from my point of view, thats why i'm giving it a medium-rating for value for money, but one that I would definitely recommend! Just a little tip - my son (who is 3 in 3mths) was very reluctant to potty train. We found the use of Thomas stickers a great way to get him interested. Every time he used the potty he got a Thomas sticker to stick on it, and he now loves his lovely Thomas themed potty :)

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