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Baby Art My Pure Touch

Baby Art My Pure Touch
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With Baby Art My Pure Touch you will cherish the souvenir of your baby's little hands or feet for ever.

   Safe for baby
   Easy to do: no baking, no other material required, all included in this kit!
   Many trials allowed before drying
   Very quick: only 2 minutes to create a perfect print (drying time not included)

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"Easy to use "

I used this to capture the footprints of my 4 month old baby. The instructions were easy to follow however I think newborns are a better age to use this on as they don't scrunch their feet up when you press their feet on the clay - but as it doesn't dry/set straight away you can roll it again and try again (however the more you try, the more dust and dirt the clay pics up). It does take quite a few days to go hard and the rolling pin provided is quite small, I had to use a wine bottle to get a smoother finish. It would be a great gift for new parents.

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