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Babies and Toddlers for Men

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Not being a big reader I was a bit dubious when I received this book to review, however it took me by surprise and found that I could not put it down as the pages had me in stitches from time to time and I found myself nodding in agreement with some things written. This book speaks the mind from a mans point of view and I often found myself saying yes that's my kids! I would most definitely go out and purchase this book and also refer it to my friends who also have children! All in all a good read!

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"A must for new dads"

Not being the biggest book reader in the world I was a bit dubious when I was presented with this book to read and as I thought I already knew it all, I was somewhat reluctant to read it! But from the first chapter I couldn't put it down and it is probably one of the only books I have ever read cover-to-cover. Babies and Toddlers for Men is a book written for dads by a dad and it takes you through the journey from birth to toddlerhood. It is written with plenty of humour which makes a serious subject really light-hearted. Entering the world of parenthood is really daunting and sometimes us dads can get forgotten about so to have a book written especially from a mans point of view is really refreshing. The book is set out into different chapters and there is a clear index in the front so if you don't want to read the whole book you can just choose the topics which are relevant to you. There is a great bit in each chapter entitled 'words from your fellow fathers' which I thought was a great idea The book explains everything you can expect of fatherhood in really simple terms, without using the often confusing jargon other baby books and magazines use. When my wife was pregnant I dutifully read every magazine and book which were passed to me but they were all written with the woman in mind so I felt that most of the information wasn't relevant to me. I wish I had read this book when we were expecting our first baby I would have set off on my journey as a new father a lot better equipped for what lay ahead and a lot more confident. I think this book should be given to every expectant father and is especially relevant to first time dads. It makes a daunting subject much less scary and is a really handy tool to refer to during every step of your childs first few years. The subjects are all relevant and very well written. This is one book I would recommend any new father or father-to-be to read.

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"Great read"

This book read very well and was easy to understand but was sent to me at the wrong time really. I would definitely recommend this book for dads to be to help them understand from a mans point of view. Would make a great gift.

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"Worth it for prospective first time dads "

This one didn't take me long to review as only the last two chapters were relevant. I would say that this book is well worth wile if you are a soon to be first time dad that wants to take an active roles in your child's development and understand why they do what they do. This is very light to read and easily understood.

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