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Delightfully smooth Stage 1 recipes are a perfect introduction to first flavours that are gentle on your baby's taste buds and tums.

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"Rich, quality product!"

Though I usually make my own baby food, I always find it useful to have a few pouches in the house for handiness or days when my own supplies are running low. The Babease pouches come beautifully packaged, with clear and informative ingredients listed on the back. My 7month old son adored the pouches! Some personal favourites of his were: *sweet potato, carrot & cauliflower *pear & mixed berries with coconut water, brown rice & quinoa *brown rice & chicken with broccoli, pumpkin, peas & coconut milk with thai herbs and spices (yes, like his very own thai curry!) The food in these pouches is wholesome, organic and filling - but also tasty! I will not hesitate to stock up on these for my store cupboard!

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