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"lovely style and colours"

I have tested the babble bib and found it to be very stylish, comfortable and practical. It is absorbant, I loved the colours (ours was pink and spotty) and the way it looked on my child. because it has two poppers to hold it in place it is one of the only bibs she has been unable to pull off!! It has washed really well. I think my only concern was over the price, I thought £3.99 per bib is a bit expensive.

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"Great design and lovely fabric"

I have to admit i was quite sceptical about the Babblebib as my daughter normally pulls bibs straight off, but I was pleasantly surprised! With the two popper design, soft fabric and funky patterns my daughter and I loved it! Even after dribble etc it didn't irritate her skin and she was happy to wear it all day. I may even consider buying more for my baby due in November, though the price seems a bit steep. £3.99 for 1.

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"Simple, stylish"

Really good product, comes in a great variety of shades/patterns mine was a brown camouflage and looked so cute on! Was really easy to use, washes well & doesn't need ironing!! easy to put on pop stud on back all the seams are inside so no tags/snags for my little rascal to chew on!! was really soft and didn't irritate little ones skin. Only snag is, for one bib I find £3.99 pricey, but the more you buy the more you save on-line so could be a better option. Overall a great innovative product, with babies best interests in mind.

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"great design, very absorbant"

When our babble bib arrived I admit to thinking it wouldn't last an hour with my little one! Rather than being off within 5 minutes it stayed on throughout the day - well at least until it was soaked! - due to the 2 poppers making it almost impossible for him to pull off. We got a blue one to test and i was impressed with how soft it was, how good it looked on him and how absorbant it was considering I'd usually go through a couple of bibs throughout the day when he's teething. I thought that it's a little expensive at £3.99 each.

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"Great Design"

I think that the BabbleBib is a great product. Looks trendy so you don't mind it hanging around their necks. Fantastic having the poppers as my little one loves pulling off bibs, but with this he couldn't succeed. Very soft next to their delicate skin and absorbed a lot of dribble! Would recommend these for any dribbly babies.

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