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Avent ISIS Breast Pump

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"Loved it!"

I have used many many bottles and pumps over the last 14 years and I have always stuck by Avent, they have a great range of interchangable items, for use for bottle and/or breastfeeding mums. I have used both Avent hand and electric pumps and found the hand to be a bit easier to use I am not sure why but maybe as I can softly control the suction but I was able to pump more milk than any other pump. It was easy to sterilise and keep clean and also keep all the small parts together. It was easy to pump into bottles or bags that are part of the avent range and place into the freezer. I loved the old disposable range which is no longer available but they have throw away isis range now which is also great but not so easy to transport but is perfect for storing baby foods in.there is a soft silicone petal to attach to the funnel I found this stopped me being able to get a good fit to the breast, I do have only small boobs 30c normally-32dd when breastfeeding so this could be why. I pumped for a few months for my daughter and this was the easiest to use and my favourite pump overall.no soreness or isssues at all.

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"Great product"

Easy to use and more effective than a number of other well know brands. I have both the manual and electric models and both are great value for money and comfortable to use. Only real problem with these is that can they can be a bit unstable when placed on a surface as are a bit top heavy.

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"Wouldnt express ?"

I bought one and was very disappointed with it. After an hour I only managed to express 1oz! It was also very tiring to use. My sister and friend had the same pump and they too found it was impossible to express enough off for a feed.

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As I'm still breastfeeding my 16 month old this as been an amazing product, really easy to use & as I got the Out & About set with the bag & extras included it was great value.

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"Very easy to use!"

This is excellent when wanting to express a lot. I had a lot of milk too much and found that i needed to express everyday. Unfortunately my daughter would not take milk from a bottle so a lot of it went to waste but the breastpump was fantastic. Easy to use and clean! Easy to assemble and quick to use! Would definately recommend to mothers who want to express!

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"worth it if you plan to express often"

Hi all, I brought this item as my daughter refused point blank breastfeeding so i brought it as my daughter would drink breast milk (that i hand expressed) out of a bottle so figured id better get something that expresses quicker! Anyway when i first used it i really couldnt get the hang of it although this may be because i was a bit stressed out as baby crying cause she was hungry! Eventually though once partner took her out in the pram for a walk i relaxed and managed to get it working, so it takes a little while to get used to but i think nearly everything does with babies! It cost me £25 rouhgly when i brought it and i used it an awful lot when i first got it but soon my daughter wanted to breastfeed again so we went back to that nad i only used it after that to express when i was going out and had a babysitter. The product has a little stand that the pump stands in which is a bit useless when expressing but great afterwards as you can stand it in it without the pump,etc getting germs on it. You can sterilise this in boliing water although bit tricky to clean as lots of bits and pieces to fit together, that was one thing i wasnt over keen on as i was always worried i would lose part of it! I found the best way to pump was to leave it for about 3 seconds in between each squeeze of the handle, although you may find you can do it quicker when your breasts are fuller. I hope this is all making sense so far! I also found that it was easy to find replacement bottles for this as it takes a normal avent bottle which have all the markings so you know just how much you have expresses, very handy if your baby is not putting on enough weight,etc as you can easily keep track of how much they are drinking. I would say this pump is better used more often as i dont think i used it enough but if you work full time then this would be perfect for you and i have heard electric pumps are a lot more painful although im afraid i have nothing to compare it to as this was the one and only breast pump i brought. I think overall it is worth the money as it is quicker than hand expressing and easier to do although i would say be wary of it if you are not likely to use it that much as hand expressing may work out better for you. Overall i think this is a good pump and great for mums, just bare with it if it doesnt work for you straight away as it feels quite a strong tug at first but you get used to it.

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