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Ashton and Parsons Teething Powders

Ashton and Parsons Teething Powders
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Ashton and Parsons Infants Powders have been recommended by countless parents as it is completely natural and it actually works.

This herbal teething remedy is one of the most tried and tested methods of relieving the pain and symptoms of teething and allowing infants (and parents) to get a better night's sleep. It has been around for 150 years and continues to be one of the most popular teething remedies on the market.

Ashton and Parsons Infants Powders are very easy to administer to your baby and come in convenient sachets. Open the sachet carefully so that you don't end up with the powder all over the place.

For babies between 3 to 6 months, you should use half a sachet in the morning and the other half in the evening by using a teaspoon to pour the powder onto your baby's tongue. Babies over 6 months, you can use a whole sachet in the morning and another in the evening. Gently rubbing the powder on your baby's gums can also help soothe some of the discomfort.

Ashton and Parsons Infants Teething Powder works quickly and will help to provide relief and calm your baby down in no time!

Main Features

  • Traditional herbal medicinal product
  • Contains tincture of Matricaria (0.002 ml) extracted from German chamomile flowers
  • 20 sachets per box
  • Very fine, crystalline powder that is easy to give to a baby and absorbs very quickly for efficient results.

What we like

  • Natural ingredients: Ashton and Parsons Infants Powder is a traditional herbal remedy for teething and is made from natural ingredients so that it is completely safe to give to babies.

  • Affordable and great value: This teething remedy is affordable so that you can always buy more and use it to soothe your baby's teething discomfort.

  • Convenient packaging: There are 20 sachets in each box which contain measured doses (for babies over 6 months) so that you don't have to take the extra time to measure out the doses yourself.

What we dislike

  • Doses for 3 to 6 month babies need to be measured: The dosage for younger infants is half the amount that comes in the sachets so you do need to try pour half of the contents out onto a teaspoon so that you give your baby the right amount at a time.

Customer Reviews

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"worked first time!"

brilliant product,after having many sleepless nights with my daughter whos 8 months we used the small sachet and it calmed her straight away.just rub the powder on the gums and we found instant relief

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"great stuff"

these work a treat i have used these on all 3 of my son u just pop them in there mouths they seem to carm him down really quickly worth every penny

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"Excellent source of relief for teething!"

I found these were excellent for my little girl they calmed her right down and settled her straight away! I now use them everyday shes teething as they are only made from natural ingredients! I have no idea how they work but trust me they do! Fantastic buy and a must for irritable teething little ones! Just pour powder on to tongue with a spoon! My little girl loves them now and has her tongue out ready for it every time!

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"Instant calming relief!"

I saw my friend give this too her daughter a few years ago when Ali was a baby. It looks strange when you see the packaging etc, but I remember how quickly Erin stopped crying. So, when Ali started teething, I gave them and another brand a try. The other brand was more than double the price, but didn't work! I also tried teething gel, but they swallow it as soon as it is in their mouths! So when I used this I was amased at how great they are for the price and concidering they are 100% natural! I even used them when he had nappy rash to calm him whilst changing his nappy, a godsend! The only downside is it can be a bit of a hassle getting the right amount out of the paper when they are very young. I do however highly recommened these to all mums and will be using them with the twins, infact have 3 boxes ready too use!

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"Good tip!"

A friend told me about these powders when my daughter started teething. I like it that they are natural and work quickly, my daughter settled quickly following application. I will definately be getting more for when my new baby arrives.

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"it still does the magic!"

i've been using these teething powders on Nathan since he was 4 months old (he started teething early but the teeth didn't start coming through until he was 11 months old!) and i still use them today! he's 21 months old now and very much more 'expressive' about his teething discomforts and now will get up onto my bed, lie down and point at the drawer where we keep the powders...:-) the only downside for me is that it's quite easy to lose the contents of a sachet as you never know where the powder's going to be when you unroll the paper and all it takes is a wrongly placed head / arm / hand / foot and it all goes flying!

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"great pain releaver"

this product is great works better then any thing else out there this one is a winner for me

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I have always loved these teething powders! I used them with my son six years ago and am using them again now with my daughter who is 8 months and now has 7 teeth, I really notice a difference when I forget to give a powder! With the powders she is much more settled & less dribbly! I also love that the powders now come in sealed sachets rather than loose.

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"Good product"

These seem to provide some relief to my baby and she loves the taste of them. If using for a baby under 6 months though you only use half a sachet at a time which is quite fiddly to do as the sachets are small and the amount in them is tiny. Also when tipping them into my baby's mouth she tends to try to eat the sachet and clamp down on it or poke her tongue in it as she gets excited and this causes the powder to get wet and stick to the inside of the sachet.

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I used these with my eldest (now 4) when she was teething and I found them great for instant relief for her. My only gripe back then was the packaging as the powder was in folded paper, and I'm clumsy so trying to unfold it with a distressed baby wasn't easy without losing some of the powder! However this issue has now been resolved and they are working a treat for my youngest (5months) now too! Now the packaging has changed I feel they are much better and easier to use :-)

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"Not great!"

I never found it any good. It doesn't last long enough although my stepmum found it fantastic for her son when he was a baby. I think it's a case if every baby is different.

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"calms him down for a bit..."

After reading the reviews for this product I couldn't wait to give it a go however it's not as long lasting as I thought it only eases off his pain for about 15mins after application. Whilst I agree it does calm him straight away the effect does not last that long so I've had to resort to a teething gel which is more effective

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"What a difference"

Decided to try this product as I was at my wits end with my poor little girl. What a difference. No more constant crying, no more never being happy...she was almost her usual self again. And one day I actually forgot to give Her this product and she was back to the hysterical crying again, so it obviously was making a huge difference. I think that the method of administering it could be made easier. Under 6 months, half a packet must be given twice a day. It's really hard to know what half a packet looks like when you don't know how much powder is in a full packet! Also, having to just leave the opened, half empty packet lying around all day isn't great as you can easily loose track of it. Also having to give the product on a spoon was a bit of an issue as our daughter had never been given anything on a spoon before so looked at us like we were mad! Having said that we are a week in now and we know how much to give at a time and she knows what to do now- she opens her mouth when she sees the spoon ready for it!

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"fantastic product"

I have used these for both my boys when teething. Always seemed to settle them when restless, normally resulting in them falling asleep. I used these as a first resort for pain, before painkillers, and normally found calpol wasn't needed so a much better result. They are quite expensive but worth it

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"Brilliant Product"

These are brilliant (if you can get hold of a packet). These totally calm my daughter down when her mouth is bothering her and she is really restless - this settles her quickly and she either falls asleep or goes and play happily again. i have recommended these to so many of my friends will little ones. Easy to use by dipping finger in or dummy and putting into the mouth. Woudlnt recommend to anyone whos child is lactose intolerance as they have lactose in them.

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This is the best teething aid I have found. It really does help settle little ones when they are suffering feom teething pain.

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this was and still is in my opinion the most amazing teething aid possible, it was the only thing that helped my daughter with teething and when it went out of manufacture we really struggled to find anything anywere near as good. i am glad to hear they have started producing again although have yet to come across it in our local shops

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omg these are absolutely fantastic. my daughter was 5 weeks old when she started teething and because of her age we were limited to what she could try. these were recommended by an elderly neighbour who used them on her own children, and i never looked back. even when my daughter was just very restless and agitated these helped calm and relax her and being herbal i knew she wasn't being harmed. when production problems started i had to try other brands but not one compared, so the moment they were available again i stocked up and have had some to use on my new son. would recommend to everyone

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"Highly recommend"

All natural and works every time. Very good value for money too. Sometimes can be a little tricky to put it in your childs mouth. (We tried dipping their dummies in it!)

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"love this"

why on earth has this product gone missing off the shelves ov every shop nd chemist i can get hold ov it nd its the only product that works xx

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"Works every time magic"

What a brilliant product after trying every product (calpol, teething gel, tething rings etc) too relieve my sons pain this was the only product that I found that did the trick. It works better then any thing else out there and the results are pretty instant. The only down side is the packet it comes as it is easy to spill some whilst juggling with a distressed child.

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