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Asda Little Angels 3 Piece Plastic Cutlery Set

Asda Little Angels 3 Piece Plastic Cutlery Set
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"great value for money"

Nice and colour to attract older babies and toddlers. Good size and fits nicely into little hands

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"OK - but wouldnt buy myself."

My 20 month old used these briefly before losing interest. However, this maybe something to do with copying his elder sisters and wanting proper cutlery. I do prefer the metal toddler cutlery sets for this reason.

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"Very decent. Does the job"

This is a really nice cutlery set. It looks and feels nice, and is easy for your toddler to hold. Some cutlery sets I find have handles which are too large, and too flat, but this set seems to be the perfect size. One thing I will say is that I think it will only be suitable for toddlers until the age of 2, maybe slightly younger, they are a bit small for older babies, so really only useful as a first cutlery set - but good quality and does the job perfectly.

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"Good Value "

The Little Angels 3 piece cutlery set is dishwasher safe, which I always find a great bonus. The cutlery themselves are lovely and bright colours which my daughters really loved. The plastic does feel rather hard and I worry that it may snap, as it does not appear to have any flex or give to it. There is also no additional grips on the handles. The cutlery is also quite thin although my 19 month old had not problems or complaints using them. Both the spoon and fork where capable of been used on appropriate foods but the fork manages better with softer foods. A good size and fits easily in the small mouth of a 19 month old. The knife acts like any toddler knife. I think overall its good value for money

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"Functional and colourful"

I received the green and blue set which seemed to please my little boy. Overall they are colorful and functional and probably some the cheapest baby cutlery sets on the market. They are bright and made of quite a hard plastic. They are dishwasher safe but not microwaveable. The handle is quite wide so easily gripped, I guess, though personally I would prefer it if it was a bit more rounded at the edge or of a more flexible plastic as I could imagine it may be a bit uncomfortable in a little fist. Despite this it didn't seem to prevent my son (2) from using them to eat dinner. The fork is a nice shape with three prongs which are just enough to spear banana or potato but unlikely to do any damage to the table or your little one's mouth. It also has quite a rounded bowl so can easily be used to scoop food so even if your toddler is insisting on eating yogurt with a fork it is liable to be quite successful. The knife will do the job on very soft food though I've always found toddler's knives to be fairly redundant. In reality if think my son is probably at the older age range for this product so I'm not sure I would buy it at present, but in summary at £2 it is a bargain for a functional bright first set of cutlery that your child will probably be quite happy to use.

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