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"They love them"

Our 6 year old twins love the aquapets, they seemed to understand how to get them to work straight away (and i still cant do it) They have one each and love to watch them interact with eachother. They are bright and loud so perfect for any young girl. I would certainly buy them as gifts for their friends and family they are very reasonably priced and provide hours of fun.

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"Kids will love them!"

My daughter was very excited to get Puku! We both were not sure exactly how to interact with the pet so i read the details on the packaging aloud and my daughter understood it much better than i did! I must say, my 6 year old gets very bored of toys very easily but this has been everywhere with her so far, in her little bags whilst she plays outside - she can't seem to leave it lying somewhere - as what happens to everything else normally! Sometimes, i hear her talking to it, singing, and giggling away whilst it responds back to her voice in a squeaky way. You can buy the other sets so that the pets respond to each other instead which i imagine would make it even more exciting for kids. It looks great, ours is pink, so naturally my daughter loves that plus its easy for little hands to hold with a great shape. I did have a play with it when my daughter had left it alone for a couple of minutes!! I personally cannot see the attraction and i still did not understand how to make it react properly without just talking to it but as its not made for people as old as me, and my daughter absolutely loves it, i cannot really be negative about it. What do i know anyway?! At a retail price of £9.99, they are indeed a great purchase as it certainly captured my daughters imagination!

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"great fun"

My 6 year old daughter loves playing with her aquapet, she takes it everywhere with her. It keeps her entertained during car journeys and her friends all want one too. Her character, called Puku is very cute and responds to voice and sound by dancing and playing tunes, the more played with, the more active it becomes. Its simple to use, and not noisy so doesnt irritate me at all. You can collect different aquapets which then interact with each other too. I think these certainly have the potential to become the next toy craze.

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"This is the next big thing"

Its fun, interactive and colorful, My daughter enjoys the dancing and the way it responds to her voice. She is able to move and copy the pets actions. The toy has perfect volume as it isn't annoying to adults even after playing awile. It is sturdy well made, it has been dropped several times and has not broken. Its excellent value for money. In fact comparing it to what is available at that price there is nothing that can compete. It looks very cool, is small enough to carry around with you and large enough to see the aqua pet dancing. My six year old really enjoys playing with it and already wants to save up to buy another. I did not recieve the instructions within the packageing, however they were avalible on the website and very easy to find. (So it was not a problem for me). The site is well worth a visit even if it's just to see the advert for aqua pets. I am impressed. wish i could give 6 out of five. I would recommend this toy to anyone who has a girl 6+.

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