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Anywayup® Bird Cup

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I have quite a selection of cups but this is my favourite. It's easy to clean, very sturdy and looks great. It is quite hard to drink from at first but my little girl (14 months) has got the knack and loves the little bird face (penguin?). I like the fact that the lid screws on and off easily.

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"a hugh hit!"

Absolutely loved it, got loads of compliments on the design. Good quality and very sturdy. My 18month old loves it and walks round with it constantly, thank god its non spill. Just ordered the anywayup cow cup too :)

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"LO can't work it out."

The look of this product is fab and was easy for him to hold (7 month old) however he really struggled to get anything out of it and he had quite used to different cups. Overall I think it's nice but for my little boy far too hard to drink out of.

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"Really appeals to me!"

The Anywayup Bird cup is fab design. I love how it is non spil meaning when he shakes the cup we dont get water everywhere. Its also not an issue if it falls over too! I love the design, it really does look like a bird - really appeals to me! Unfortunately my son hasnt yet worked out how to get water out of it, he is used to it being free flowing. The rigid spout doesnt help with this but i am hoping he will soon grasp the idea and be able to use it. I would recommend this cup if your child can work this kind of spout as design and quality wise it is fab!

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"Hard to use"

Looks great, feels great, handles were easy for my son to hold, non spill is a great idea however he struggled to get any water out, I tried and had to really suck hard to get any out, not great for an infants developing facial muscles. Maybe more suited for toddlers who have mastered this.

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"not very good"

My 7 month old son does not like this cup at all. He cannot work it. Its quite aesthetically pleasing looks like a bird from a drinking view. The handles are shaped to look like wings but a bit awkward for my podgy little boy to hold. I have also tried this cup as he wasn't getting very far with it. You have to suck quite a bit to get any fluids out. Personally I would not buy or recommend this cup.

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