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Anovia Head On 3-in-1 Shampoo and Spray

Anovia Head On 3-in-1 Shampoo and Spray
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Anovia Head On 3-in-1 conditioning shampoo and spray is available in Poundland, Savers & Boyes stores nationwide

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"Good product"

Great product. My daughter brings home a letter almost every week highlighting an outbreak of nits at the school. Been using this product for over a month now and so far so good, it smells really nice too. Would definitely buy again!

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"Would definitely buy"

This is a great product that smells lovely and not of chemicals like some products for head lice. Very easy to use and a little goes a long way, even for daughters' longer hair. There is an outbreak of headlice at son's school and so far using this product my children have not been affected. Would definitely be using this product again, in fact have already bought another one from Poundland.

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"great value"

we have yet to be graced with the presence of headlice (and will not *touch wood) as have been using preventative sprays for a while. this was a new one to us as never used. I asked my son (6) to help with the review - he stated that the shampoo smelt nice! It also lasts well - you don't need to use a lot the spray also smells ok and does not have as pungent a smell as others previously used. I think this is great value for money and will be purchasing more myself for our family!

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"Highly recommend these products "

Being a mum of four, head lice can be the bain of my life. I have never used preventative products before so was excited about giving these a go. After just over a month of using these products all my children are still lice free despite head lice warnings being sent home from school!! The products smell really nice too!! The spray was brilliant at attacking the knots in both of my daughters long, curly hair! I can really recommend this product and will certainly continue using it on my children! They are also AMAZING value for money.

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"So far, so good! No Nits!"

We've been using both the shampoo and spray for our 6 year old boy now for around 6 weeks or so. We started using it the week before the kids went back to school as this week is usually THE week for the attack of the little bugs. So far, so good! No lice, nothing. I check for nits every 2-3 days or so and have to say I'm impressed. The shampoo is very gentle and the smell isn't too overpowering which I expected it to be. Our little one enjoys the smell and being Autistic he can be quite fussy with smells. Phew! The conditioning spray is really useful too. We give his hair a little spritz every morning when brushing (to try and get rid of the bed hair!) and would usually do this with water. It's very clever to have this spray that gives the additional 'protection'. All in all, very impressed. I'd expect this product to cost lots more than it does, and I've used far more expensive products that haven't been half as good!

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"Great product"

After my daughter having lots of trouble with head lice I can honestly say after using this product for over a month that my 9 year old has been bug free. We have had letters from school warning that headlice have been in circulation and still she has had none. It has a pleasant smell and I would highly recommend. The spray in conditioner was also fantastic at de-tangling my daughter's long hair.

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"good value and does the job!"

After using the shampoo and conditioning spray combined for a month we are still clear of headlice! This product is good value for money and unlike other headlice treatments and repellents is kind to the scalp and smells fairly pleasant too. Would definitely recommend these products to friends and family.

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"Fantastic "

We use preventative products, and this does the same job for less money. Great!

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"Good value for money"

Having 3 children with really thick hair, including 2 long haired girls, a good shampoo is essential in our house. My husband is in charge of washing hair here and he found that it foamed well once on the head so it wasn't necessary to use a large amount. It rinses out well and the smell wasn't overpowering unlike other tea-tree products. The only issue he found was that it irritated his skin slightly whilst massaging it into the children's heads. After baths I found the hair relatively easy to comb through and the smell although noticeable wasn't too strong. I used the spray on the children's hair in the morning and found it combed through really easily. Overall I was impressed with the Anovia Head products and would buy them as they are a good price.

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"Great for all the family."

The Anovia range is easy to use, and the shampoo and spray are enough to wash, condition and detangle hair for all of the family. Initially the strong smell of tea tree was disconcerting, as I thought everyone would smell this. However, this scent does not linger, unlike other hair applications treating head lice. The spray bottle dispersed just enough product per spray for me to be confident that my teenage daughter would use this appropriately. She really enjoyed styling her hair with the product, and it is great to know this has a dual purpose to protect from outbreaks of head lice. We will be continuing to use this as the school term approaches, as we have both had cases of head lice last term! The shampoo is really conditioning, and left our hair shiny and bouncy. Overall simple products which seem to the the right job!

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