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Annabel Karmel New Complete Baby and Toddler Meal Planner

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"great book!"

My youngest baby is part of a study into allergies and he has to have certain foods each week, this book helped me alot to make him different meals to incorperate the 'key' foods he needs each week and has been a great asset to my kitchen. I have made plenty of different meals which all my boys love and would recommend this book highly for ease of use and I can even change a few bits to help with ingredients my children might not like and still get great tasty results!

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"Helped a lot"

This book has loads of yummy recipes and has different sections for different ages / stages of weaning. I had no idea what to make my daughter other than meat and veg which must of got boring for her. This book was a godsend and I still use some of the recipes now for the whole family especially the beef casserole one which is lovely.

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"Couldnt have done without it"

I'm so glad I have this book. My son started weaning at 6mths old and i've used it to help me plan his meals from day 1. At first I needed help with what purees to try him with, and from there I made up batches of meals using the guidelines. Since we've moved on to thicker/lumpier foods and things to chew, this book has helped me so much each step of the way. I still use it now to make up batches of his meals, and so far I havent even needed to make the same recipie twice. My son has enjoyed every single one and i've had the peace of mind knowing that he's enjoying healthy home-made food with the right ingredients for his age. The book also includes 'meal planners' which help you plot out when to give/introduce each meal and make up your meals in advance. I didnt actually follow these planners, but I did find them helpful to look at. I find it great to know what meals are safe to freeze and reheat as each recipie shows whether this is suitable. Unfortunately I am someone who does not enjoy cooking and has no real flair, however this book made it so easy for me, the recipies were simple to follow and I actually found myself enjoy making up batches of meals. It was great to see the final product, watch my son enjoy what I had made for him, and have the convenience of meals being made ready in the freezer simply for re-heating. I am soon due to return to work after maternity leave, and I plan to continue making up batches of meals from this book. Then I can simply pop a frozen block into a lidded food tub and then my son's childminder can easily reheat it in the microwave for his lunch. It will be great to know what he's eating and that he's enjoying it. I would recommend anyone starting or at the weaning process to buy this book. Even if you have more than one child and have done weaning all before, this just contains so many ideas to help you out. After making so many great meals from this book I also bought Annabel Karmel's Top 100 Baby Purees book, which is a similar concept and again I found a huge help. These books can easily be used along-side eachother for an even bigger range of idea's for your child's meals. And to make things even easier I bought Annabel Karmel's freezer tray's for baby food, they are flexible rubber with lids (which you can write on to record the item, date etc). I cant recommend the range highly enough, its fab!!

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