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Animal Rescue - Patrick George

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"enjoyed , nice bold images"

This book is excellent quality and built to last with lovely bold images that attracted my 4 year old's attention immediately. It's a very good idea with the clear pages that stick to both sides. The idea of making children aware of animal cruelty is very important and comes across clearly in the pictures. My son easily identified which was the best home/environment for the animals. The only point I would make would be to have a story/words with it as we went through the book quite quickly and I'm not sure if my son would pick this himself as a night-time book etc to share. Time will tell. It's a fair price as it's well made.

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"We loved this book!"

Animal Rescue is a great book for teaching children to care for animals. It was bold, colourful and the transparent pages create a fun experience. I read the book with my 4 year old son and it's safe to say it has become a favourite! He read it 3 times in a row and then asked if he could read it to all of us and show us how to rescue the animals. I like that it made him ask questions and he has been spreading the message and explaining to others how the animals feel. Overall, a big success. I will definitely recommend this book to others.

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"fantastic tool for teaching valuble lessons"

This clever book is designed to give your child the opportunity to set free a variety of animals that have been treated poorly by mankind. By lifting the unique transluscent pages the animals are returned to their natural preferable habitat. The book is bright and colorful and beautifully presented, the clever way the pages work together will have young readers enthralled. My two and four year old love to take it in turns to set free the animals and talk about what has occurred on each pages. As the book has no set written narrative it creates an excellent opportunity to talk about issues we perhaps would not have covered as yet and this also means that each time we 'read' the book, the narrative is, to a certain extent, new. Although designed for children ages 3 onwards, my two and a half year old loves this book the best and is always asking me to read it. Definitely worth its money.

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"Bright, interesting and a bit different!"

Animal Rescue is a quality book! It is well made, well thought out and has great illustrations. I think it was a bit advanced for my just 3 year olds but perfect for my 5 year old. However, they all loved the way the transparent sheet changed the pictures. Having no word or story allows the child to use their imagination but some information, maybe facts at the back would fulfil the learning opportunity the book creates.

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"Colourful book! "

A lovely colourful book. My 22 month and 4 year old both loved the book for differing reasons. The attractive pictures and colours make it very appealing and the content make it a wonderful discussion book.

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