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Ambrosia Mini Pots

Ambrosia Mini Pots
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"yummy, but small"

Love Ambrosia but found these a bit small to us. The same great taste but we will be sticking to the bigger pots for my kiddies as they always wanted more! Also quite petty but with our spoons they couldn't get all the custard out of the bottom :-( Still love ambrosia but I won't be buying these in this size again x

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"Lovely little pots - perfect size for small children"

When we got these I thought they looked a little small however they were the perfect size to pop in my change bag as a quick snack if my toddler got peckish and saved me having to buy sweets or crisps. The fact that they didn't need to be in a cool bag was great and made them super handy for a snack on the run. They are however far too small for adults so I would only buy them for my son.

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"Very yummy but small ;)"

The same great taste and quality you would expect from Ambrosia, creamy and tasty, However, personally, not for us! I think we were probably the wrong target as my son is 10 and daughter almost 3, the were both eating 2 pots at a time! Therefore, I would just buy the regular size pots. These are perfect size for younger toddlers or children with smaller appetites.

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"Lovely treat!"

My son absolutely loves the custard pots; so much so that we have already bought more! He wasn't keen on the rice pudding but I don't think that is a reflection on the product as he doesn't like any rice pudding. I, however, was more than happy to test the rice pudding and it was great. The pots are just the right size for my soon to be 2 year old, he can hold it himself in one hand with a spoon in the other and finish it easily. We often add raisins for a bit of variety. From our point of view the fact that they can be stored in the cupboard is ideal!! We saw them on offer at Tesco and were able to bulk buy as we didn't need to worry about a best before fridge date. I would thoroughly recommend these pots!

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"An old classic "

A real blast from my past , a childhood favourite for me but I'm afraid neither of my two boys liked them , I tried them straight from the cupboard and then straight from the fridge and both children refused to eat more than a spoonful. When I asked my eldest ( aged 3 and a half ) why he didn't like it he said this yoghurt is off mummy , even after trying to explain that it was not yoghurt and it was very yummy he simply refused another spoonful . Although neither of my boys enjoyed these , I adored them as they were the perfect retro desert for a me, a child of the 80's plus they were also a perfect size for my post baby diet . A big thumbs up from mummy xxx

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"great snack pots"

These are great snack size pots. Both girls ages 2 and 3 love the snack pots. Both the custard and rice pudding were thoroughly enjoyed. There is a high sugar content on the pots and so best given as a treat and not regularly. My 3 year old always wanted more than one pot.

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"Little pots of joy"

As soon as these landed in my fridge my 5 year old was into them and asking for them all the time although I had actually intended for them to be eaten by my almost 1 year old. Needless to say both my girls enjoyed these classic puddings that come in perfect snack sized pots. My 5 year old would need 2 to fill her up so I would say these are perfect for up to 3/4 year olds. Having said this I know that when I get them again my eldest will probably still eat the majority. For 6 little pots of custard or rice pudding these retail at £1.49 which is a typical price for batch of 6 (unless on offer) so you can't really complain. Will definitely be putting these in my next shopping basket

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"Custard or Rice?"

These little pots disappeared quickly and were enjoyed by the custard and rice pudding lovers. Once you had split the pots up you couldn't tell which were which as the lids were identical. I was disappointed with the amount of sugar in these and for that reason would not buy them.

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"Yum, yum, yum!"

These are a great idea. I only wish they'd invented them when I was little. I love the rice puddings and my daughter loves the custard. Just the same as the grown up versions. The only problem I've discovered is that you can't tell the custard pots from the rice pudding pots along the top row of pots as the packaging is virtually identical. Think they are a little pricey for 6 pots and would probably only buy them if the supermarket had them on offer. But they do make a welcome change to the usual yoghurt and fromage fraise.

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