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A Walk In London - Walker Books

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"Fab read"

My 5 year old son loves this book, he enjoys listening and learning about the world around him, and really enjoyed seeing all the sights and reading about them in London. My daughter who is 3 didn't have as much interest in it, so i wouldn't buy this for a child 3 and under unless they really like this kind of book. I would definitely recommend this book to others, also think it would be a great resource for schools who are looking at cities/London etc as projects for the term.

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"Lovely book"

The arrival of this book was very timely actually, since I'm taking my 5 year old into London for the first time next month. My 2.5 year old got his paws on it first, so we read it at bedtime. He's not so interested in what I have to say, but loves looking at the pictures and asking what things are. When I read it to my eldest he was fairly interested but I found some of it difficult to read as its in the first person and he didnt understand that I was talking as if I was the little girl so I modified it and read it in my own way. However he liked the pictures and talking about the places we could visit. I think its beautifully illustrated and I like the facts that are shown about each place. I think the pictures are confusing for him though, so I might try to go through it with him next time whilst showing him actual photographs of certain things - like the london eye - which really had him baffled. All in all though its a lovely book - I just think its aimed at a slightly older reader.

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"Informative Read"

A Walk in London is an excellent book to teach your child and even ourselves about London.My son is 5 1/2 and he spent ages looking at the pictures on every page,so did i and he enjoyed me reading all about London to him and even read some of the pages himself. The story had the right pages for my child and after we finished reading it he looked at the pictures again I enjoyed the history parts of London that was detailed in the book. It's a very informative book and the pictures on every page are very detailed. Every School/library,even home should have this book and we are going to look for the other Walker Books about other cities.

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