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"Brilliant time"

Went for my 4d scan on Saturday and it was amazing. When we arrived at Babyvision we were made very welcome by both the ladies there, they were very friendly and helpful. (even gave me instructions to the nearest toysrus when we left!) The first thing we had to do was to sign a form to say we understood everything they were doing and also to say if they told us the sex this would not be 100% accurate. We then moved into the scanning room, this was a large room with a bed, an armchair next to it and also a large sofa (good for us as my husband and daughter came with me). I also noticed that there was a box of toys on the floor which would be great if you had to take a younger child with you. There was a large screen on the wall which we could all see the images on. When the scan started baby was being a little awkward and wouldnt move around much so the sonographer suggested i walked around for 10 mins and we tried again. This time we managed to get some really good pics. We were all amazed at how in depth the pictures were and it really felt as though 'bubble' was actually with us. I was scanned for roughly 35-40 mins and at the end we were asked if we had seen everything we wanted to. We came away with a dvd which lasted about 11 mins, a cd with 20 images on and a cardboard photo frame with 4 images inside which will make a really nice keepsake. Overall we had a wonderful time, the clinic was immaculate and well set out, the people there were great and at no time did we feel rushed to make any decisions. I would most certainly recommend this to anyone. Tracey

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i had 4d scan with baby bond when i was 26 weeks preg omg i could see him perfectly even make out he looked like my other soon the picture were out of this world price was a bit price but worth every penny i paid 295 got a a4 pic in a frame 6 prints and a dvd of whole scan people were so friend and king even got offerd a cuppa

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"Brilliant value, personal service"

We went for a 4D scan at window to the womb in Nottingham when I was 18 weeks pregnant. They have a very personalised service, and offer a great service. All of their staff carrying out scans are qualified doctors at the local NHS hospitals, and if there is something wrong on the scan, they stop and explain what they have seen, who you will need to see and you get a full refund. Also, if your baby can't be seen at the time of the scan, they will invite you back until he/she can be seen and you get a good scan! I found them really friendly, and I can't wait to go back again at 28 weeks.

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"Inner Vision"

I recently had a 4D scan done at 27 weeks & 6 days. We used a company called 'Inner Vision'. We had a 4D scan done with out little girl with the same company (in 2006). The experience was that good that we decided to use the same company again. We got there 30 mins early & even though we were early they saw us straigh away so no waiting around. That was great as we had our little girl with us. The actual scan took just over 30 mins & every minute was amazing! They got 32 great pictures for us to take away, all on a cd rom disk so we could put them on to our pc. You can also get dvds of the scan... It's just amazing to see your babys face before they have even arrived! When Krissi arrived she looked exactly like the 4D scan pictures. So they are very good quality. The scan is also done by a qualified sonographer so they know what they are doing! I would recomend 110%! If we do end up having another baby after Perry arrives we will have the 4D scan done again. But there is a time limit. They tend not to scan after 28 weeks as baby is taking up too much space & would probably not get good quality pictures...

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"4d Scanning"

Me and my hubby got a babybond scan done at the scottish baby show. The image was amazing we could make out every little feature of our baby and we double checked to make sure she was a girl. We got the dvd and around 10 photo's. For only that weekend at the babyshow they did a discount so we got it for £95.00 id say it's definately worth the money and id get one again as it helps you to bond with your baby. Our baby already looks a cutie.

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"4D Scan"

We got this done with our first son What a beautiful keepsake!!! My partner and I booked this scan for when I was around 28 weeks, and we took both my mum and his mum as a surprise!! We attended the Babybond Clinic in Manchester, even though we arrived very early we were seen more or less straight away! The staff we're extremely friendly and made us feel very relaxed. The lady performing the scan explained everything in detail, they even projected the screen onto the wall so that the nanna's could see every thing. We opted for the colour photos and dvd, I think at the time it cost around £150 but i felt this was well worth the money! Unfortunatly due to our financial situation we were unable to afford to have this done with our second but would definetly reccommend. Its a beautiful keepsake, when our second was due we showed this to our other son when we were explaining to him that he was going to be a big brother, he watched in amazement! he still enjoys watching this now

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"absolutly amazing"

We had a 4D bonding scan when I was 27 weeks pregnant it was the most amazing thing I have seen. we couldnt believe we could actually see what our little boy was going to look like and we also has definate confirmation that he was going to be a boy after spending so much money on 'boys things'. I would of really liked to have it for my daughter but we had never heard of it when i was pregnant with her 5 year ago, but would of been nice to have them both. We often sit and watch the DVD we got and cant quite believe that it was so long ago, as they do grow up so quickly.

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"Great idea"

i had one of these with both my girls i loved getting a sneak preview before meeting them i would have another if i have another child

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"Baby Bond"

We had a 4D scan at 17 weeks, not recommended at this stage. This was a gift from a friend for my birthday, so I decided to use it. Our baby has Talipese with his feel (Club Foot) and this was not picked up on the scan. We found his feet on our 20 week scan at the hospital. Sadly on looking back we can see his feet turned in on the baby bond DVD and pictures etc, so not so re-assuring after all due to not being picked up. I would possibly have another 4D if I had another baby although they are a bit pricey...

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"TakeAPeek3D - Great value for money!!!"

I had a 4D scan at Take a Peek 3d in St. Helens on 3rd March. I really enjoyed my scan and if I was to have another baby and want another scan I would deffinatly go back here! The ladies there were all fantastic and our sonographer got really involved with the scan and made it an amazing experiance for us... better still their prices are extremely reasonable!!!

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"Hello Baby 4d Scan Boutique"

I have just been to www.hellobaby4dscan.co.uk for my scan and I had a fantastic experience. The staff were lovely and very professional. The sonographer was fantastic and managed to get me some great pictures. The boutique is beautiful and very welcoming. I would recommend this fantastic boutique to anyone who is expecting. #hellobaby4dscan

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We were given a voucher for Babybond Clinic in our baby pack from the midwife and decided to go and get the 4D scan done and to take both mine and my partners mum with us for a little treat. It was really simple to book, and in and out within 20 minutes max. They showed my baby on the screen as the do with other ultrasounds and then made the 4D magic happen! It was incredible, my little one had her foot in front of her face most of the time, so they let me get up and have a wiggle around to try and move her! They took some screen shots and printed them in 4D and in the normal way and they copied it all on to a usb pen stick for us. It was a lovely experience and made the mums cry! Looking back on the pics and comparing them to my daughter now, its so strange! But i thoroughly enjoyed it and would definitely do it again!

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"Highly recommended"

I just had a 4D scan at ScanAssure Medical Ultrasound in Bolton. Wow! what an amazing experience!! We particularly enjoyed the scan as my mum was allowed to come in and watch it too on a big screen. The staff were very welcoming and we went straight in without waiting. We booked here partly because the package with the DVD and colour photographs etc seemed to be the best value (£130) but also because we had seen so many great reviews for the place. My husband was particularly pleased that they did not ask for a deposit and that the one price included everything. We have previously been to a different scan clinic where we had to pay a deposit up front then paid for the scan, then had to pay extra for the DVD etc. It was also nice that they did a couple of extra photos at no charge for my mum and also my husband's parents who could not come. The scan lady showed us loads on the scan and explained everything. Definately worth every penny to see our baby's face and get the reassurance that she is growing well at normal size for her age. :-)

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"4D baby scan"

Just wanted to leave a review as my experience at Hello Baby was so wonderful. From the moment I walked in me & my 2 girls felt so welcomed and comfortable, the whole environment was lovely. The scan itself was absolutely incredible, I've booked again for a couple of weeks time :) Recommend to everybody! I found out I was expecting a boy so that was amazing news too. Lovely place, friendly staff, great value + fabulous experience. Thank you so much xx http://www.hellobaby4dscan.co.uk

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"Amazing experience - Baby Skan Studio, Truro, Cornwall"

I had a 4d scan for both of my pregnancies, twice, we had a 16 week gender scan and then 28 week 4d scan. Both scans on both pregnancies were amazing. We went to BabySkan in Truro Cornwall. Would highly recommend.

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