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Laura Loves…. Thule Urban Glide 2

Thule Urban Glide

Fresh for 2018, Thule launched the Urban Glide 2, a new and improved version of the iconic Thule jogging stroller.

I very recently took up jogging so the timing for this review is perfect. Exercise is a great way for mums to improve their fitness, and what I particularly like is that you don’t need to go anywhere and can literally start the moment you exit the house. Using this stroller also means I don’t need to wait for hubby to get home to take over watching Marley, aged 2, so even less excuses to stray from my routine.

The Thule Urban Glide has been one of, if not the, go to jogger stroller for active parents. Thule are best known for their travel accessories including popular roof boxes, so they know a bit about being on the move.

The Thule Urban Glide 2 is travel system compatible and there’s an add-on carrycot and car seat that can affix to the chassis meaning it can be used from birth. It’s worth noting that the advice is that it is only safe to run with your little one in the pushchair once they are above six months of age, however the carrycot/car seat options provide the provision to not just make this a jogging stroller but an everyday stroller too.

Appearance wise, and there’s no denying that this sleek stroller looks great! In the same way I look at myself donning my sports wear; I feel I look even more the part now with this smart jogger stroller!

The seat is a good size. The whole pushchair has an element of slim line that extends to the seat, however it’s not a small chair, just more cocooned and I wouldn’t have any qualms about a 4yo sitting comfortably in this chair. The recline allows for total flexibility on the angle of the backrest as it’s not pre-set locked in positions so you alter it until you have the angle best suited for the situation. The narrower chair combined with recline provide a cocoon and element of snugness for little ones that Marley has enjoyed.

The handlebar isn’t usually a big deal for me. If it’s slightly off I just adjust my walk, however when it comes to jogging it has to be right. I have too much thought on my steps to be concerned about slouching over a handlebar. At 5,4 I found a comfortable height and there’s a few options so some flexibility in finding a restful stance.

The stroller has an easily manoeuvrable three wheel set up with larger rear wheels at 16” compared to the front swivel 12” wheel. This provides more control and I found the large wheels made it more agile.

The Urban Glide 2 honestly pushes like a dream, and while I know this is superb for jogging, it really is great for when walking. Despite being a fairly heavy pushchair, you cannot tell in the push. You can push this single-handedly with ease and still maintain a good level of control. When jogging I found that locking the front wheel adds extra stability, but generally taking on different rough and bumpy terrains the pushchair didn’t struggle at all.

I had half expected my little one to be jolting all over the shop using this, but the suspension is outstanding and there’s a strong consistency in general smoothness of the ride for your child regardless of terrain.

Due to the sheer nature of being used at speed, the safety features are really important with this pushchair. The five-point harness is very secure, and well padded for comfort.

Similarly to when using equipment for motion sports, such as surfing, there’s a safety strap to keep the stroller close to you.

The addition of a handbrake, operated with a twist motion, takes some getting used to. The hand brake allows for essential control to slow and help stop the pushchair, particularly at speed and on hilly terrains and you find yourself becoming very reliant on this feature in a way I hadn’t previously considered.

The parking break is also present, more of your traditional stroller brake operated by your foot and locks in firmly to hold positioning. A little stiffer than you may expect but when you’re rocking the trainers and have adrenalin running through your body, the foot brake was the least of my worries!

What I really like about this, and testament to not just making it a stroller suitable for speed, but the practicalities that come with its use - the tyres and canopy have a reflective strip to make it more visible, a great awareness element with the current darker mornings and evenings. The roomy shopping basket is enclosed in a zipped water protective casing to ensure all your goods are protected and secure.

So what else can I tell you about this cool pushchair, the canopy is huge! It has one of the best covers of any pushchair I have reviewed, and I am clocking them up! Fully extended, it covers pretty much all your child so great for hot and wet days and offers UPF 50+ protection. Mesh panels ensure it still provides good ventilation, the reflective strips again add extra visibility, and a handy parent window, complete with magnetic close, allow for those cheeky sneak peeks.

The fold on the pushchair is really easy – pull the clasp and using the handle it folds shut with an auto lock. Collapsed it’s still a bit bulky, but the wheels easily pop off which reduces that and make it easier for storage and travel.

This was my first review of a jogging stroller and I love it! There are lots of handy features to support parents that want to exercise with their child, without compromising on comfort for the child or style in having a designer pushchair.

The Thule Urban Glide 2 is priced £599.99. For more information and stockist details, visit www.thule.com.

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