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Laura Loves....Pampers Pure Protection Collection

Pampers pure protection

Pampers have been one of the staple nappy brands over the years, a solid brand that everyone trusts and is epitomised as one of the best nappy products. Having had boys and girls, I have found them to be a trust-worthy nappy that has avoided the majority of the disasters. I am never quite sure if it matters too much on the gender of the child, I’ll leave that one open to debate!

However, over recent years supermarkets have been upping the game with the quality of own-brand nappies, eco brands and reusable nappies have gained popularity as we become more environmentally aware, and new brands have been popping up to provide different benefits – preemie sizes, sensitive skin solutions etc.

So not one to rest on its laurels, Pampers has recently launched an innovative new range of nappies and wipes to provide a product suitable for the most sensitive of skins that doesn’t compromise on the trusted Pampers performance.

Pampers Pure Protection nappies and wipes have been created with a premium grade responsibly sourced and grown cotton and plant-based fibres to provide, in my opinion, an improved quality product that also boasts some nice eco-friendly elements.

The flip side of this, is that they’re not just better for the environment, but kinder to babies skin, especially if your child is prone to skin conditions, or flare ups of nappy distress.

This means there are no nasties in the nappies or wipes so you don’t need to worry about any issues as a result of fragrance, bleaching products, latex, parabens and so on. The Aqua Pure wipes are actually 99% water, which is the same as a leading water-based wipe product that always has rave reviews, so this is a great step forward for Pampers.

Papers Pure Aqua

The nappies have also been tested by the British Skin Foundation and given the seal of approval as clinically proven for sensitive skin, so I just think particularly for newborns, they’re a great go-to product.

The nappies themselves work as per your usual nappy; there is nothing revolutionary about two tabs! However, I do really like the new prints and patterns that vary between the different sizes from NB to size 5. Made with disperse dyes, the yellow, grey, blush colour scheme of llamas, sloths and corgis are beautiful, and accompanied by the trusted Pampers wetness indicator to give parents a helping hand at knowing when they need to change the nappy.

I tested the nappies with Marley, aged 2 in a size 5 nappy. They provide a nice, close fit and good absorbency, as you’d expect from a 12-hour guarantee. Throughout the night the absorbency was put to the test as Marley loves to drink a lot in the evenings so we can have one or two issues with leakage and splitting nappies throughout the night at times, yet while these were heavy, they weren’t bulging or breaking apart in any way.

The Pampers Pure Protection range is a great addition to the Pampers family, really good quality products with the benefits to baby skin and environment more commonly found within reusable nappies.

For more information on Pampers, visit www.pampers.co.uk


You can buy them HERE

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