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Laura Loves...Little Tikes Shop ‘n’ Learn Smart Checkout

little tikes shop n learn

Imaginative play is crucial do child development.  It has been proven to develop intellectual and cognitive skills, really targeting problem solving, imagination and critical thinking. 

Many children pick up imaginative play naturally as they mirror actions they see us adults doing, and I have seen just how much they relish the opportunity to recreate these scenarios.

Marley, aged 2, is currently in the full throes of creative play, and it’s actually a nice activity that her elder sister, aged 7, still enjoys playing with her so it brings the siblings together beautifully whereas I notice it becomes more and more rare with other toys and games.  

We have a play kitchen that she really enjoys, so this Little Tikes checkout was a fab addition and extends the scene-setting link with the kitchen.

The Little Tikes Shop ‘n’ Learn Smart Checkout is one of a range of new additions to the Little Tikes role play collection; and I am pretty sure it’ll be a big hit on Christmas morning for little ones.

It comes fairly pre-built so for any parents that want life away from Ikea flat pack, you won’t have to invest too long – 10-15 mins max.  

The instructions are clear and concise and it’s fiddlier just to ensure it’s set up correctly.

Once constructed, it looked fab. 

As I would expect, the quality of it is really good, well made and sturdy to withstand all those bumps and scrapes that you just know it will endure.

It’s bright and colourful so immediately looks fun and I was literally holding Marley back.  It’s large enough for friends to join in with the fun, and all the little extras also mean the checkout can be fully utilised on the front and back side, which again encourages more interactive play between friends/siblings.

The checkout is centred on four key areas of play:

  • The free play which is using the checkout
  • The shopping list where they can select items
  • The checkout counter which uses a real electronic conveyor belt
  • Speed scanner to scan each of the 40 or so food items that are individually recognised

There’s lot of interactivity with this checkout.  The conveyor belt moves on its own, transporting food along the passageway.

The credit card slides through the machine reader. 

Coins slide through the passageway and elements light up and play realistic sounds so it’s a sensory indulgence! 

However, the scanner is the highlight for me – simply scan an item and it spouts out the name of the item.

Alongside the checkout, there’s also a companion app. 

This is most definitely optional so play doesn’t have to stop without it, but via Bluetooth it’s actually a pretty good app and allows for some additional games and songs to enhance the fun learning that comes with the checkout.

We have had hours of fun with this checkout, and I can see many more ahead. 

It’s a great item for educating children – informing them what the food is, and teaching them of the process to purchase food from selecting items, paying and bagging up in a reusable bag.


Published: 16 October 2018


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