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Laura Loves...Babyzen YOYO+

Babyzen YOYO+

With the nicer weather coming up and holiday season finally in sight, it seemed a timely idea to review the Babyzen YOYO+ pushchair, as you probably have guessed by now – it’s absolutely fab for travel!


The Babyzen YOYO+ is a super compact, lightweight, narrow stroller.   Suitable from birth as the YOYO+ 0+ (with nest insert) right the way up to 18kg.  Unusual for umbrella-style strollers, it can also be used in traditional travel system style with the addition of the Babyzen iZi Go Modular car seat that clips onto the base making travel abroad, particularly in relation to car seat safety, even simpler.


Despite the weight, it’s definitely a sturdy stroller.  I’ve reviewed other travel strollers that are a lot more rickety, and while they’ve not necessarily posed a safety risk, you don’t have the upmost confidence in them.  I didn’t get this feeling with the YOYO+, the aluminium frame is evenly weighted and the low positioned seat adds further stability to the unit.


The front facing chair is a decent size, comfortably seating my four year old so space won’t be an issue.  It has a natural lean so I found smaller ones tend to slide down a little into a slouch position if they’re a bit younger and weaker, but generally it shouldn’t be an issue and my one year old casually sat back without any issue or upset.


The chair features a five-point harness that can be set at three different heights.  It also has a flexible backrest that reclines freely with a strap device to the desired setting so provides plenty of flex.


The pop out UPF 50+ canopy is compact but provides enough overhead cover and folds out in three stages so you can alter in-between nothing and full on cover.  It also has a see-through peephole so you can check your baby without needing to peer right round.


The one hand fold of the stroller is very quick and simple, try it a few times and you’ll have it down to a tee.  The fold on the YOYO+ is incredibly small, and for me the key standout feature - it is so small that we pushed it right onto a plane and folded it down where it sat nicely in the overhead compartment. 

 4 YOYO+

For those that travel with little ones, you know how much of a pain it can be to hand over your pushchair on the way to the plane entrance, and then not see it until you reach the conveyor belt with your luggage (and then hold your breath that a. it will be there and b. it wont be too badly damaged!)  In that time you’ve got to carry little ones, go through immigration then stand around waiting for the pushchair to magically reappear.  This allows you to bypass all of the above as your little one can be sat snugly in the stroller taking some of the stress out of that slightly tedious part of your holiday. It’s hand luggage-sized compliant too so just makes life that little easier if you did want to fold it down beforehand.


You don’t just need to use it for going abroad, the compact nature of the fold also makes it handy for using on public transport – buses, trains or even in restaurants when you want somewhere to tuck away your stroller without it being in the way.


When locked in a fold, it fits snugly into the carrier bag and has a handy strap that means you can throw it over your shoulder and tote it effortlessly as it weighs in at a reasonable 6kg.


The foam wheels are pretty small at 5” so you don’t get the benefits of the chunky wheels you do on a big travel system; however they handle different terrains really well.  The suspension isn’t as bad as you may worry about, they’ve invested in technology to minimise bumps to baby and it results in a wonderful smooth push on flat surfaces and I also found it faired fairly virtuous off-road as well.  The wheels also don’t have grooves so stay cleaner and are easier to keep clean than fishing out dog poop from the crevices!


I’ve referenced a lot of the features but spoken little about its appearance.  Personally, I love it; it’s more design led and a little more intriguing than your average pop up stroller and more than a few people did a double take when I was pushing it.  It’s simplicity meets sleek.  And on that note, going back to my earlier point on it’s being plane compliant, it might be one of the reasons why Babyzen has launched a brand new limited edition fabric print with Air France.  Jet setting in style, the French brand has partnered with their national airline to present ‘The YOYO by Air France’, a gorgeous deep blue print that is fashionable and smart, and a nice addition to the fab colours on offer.


A lot of the fabrics are easily removable and can be washed in the washing machine, particularly handy if you have taken it on holiday as there’s always more holiday mess (why is this?!)  Storage is fair, the shopping basket won’t compete with your big travel systems, but for a stroller I have to say it’s decent enough.


The YOYO+ gets a big thumbs up from me, especially for travel or just generally being short on space for a pushchair in your life!  It looks good, is compact and incredibly practical.

The Babyzen YOYO+ is priced £369 for chassis and 6m+ pack, and £175 for the newborn pack from John Lewis.

To find out more on the YOYO+, visit www.babyzen.com.


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