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Laura Loves…Vital Baby 2-in-1 Steam and Blend

Vital Baby 2-in-1 Steam and Blend

Vital Baby’s Steam and Blend, as the name suggests, is a two in one baby food steam and blend baby food prep machine.

There has been a lot of research in previous years with nutritionists championing the benefits of steaming food over boiling it. 

Vegetables particularly have been proven to retain the majority of their nutrients and flavour when steamed which is a great plus point for feeding babies.

Opening up the VB Steam and Blend, it’s a fairly compact system that won’t take out all available space on your worktop in one foul swoop. 

The container takes a decent amount of food so you can take advantage of batch cooking and freezing any leftovers, which is really handy.  


 Dr Rana


You simply load your fresh food into the 600ml jar and then have one of three options – steam, blend or steam and blend. 

It’s really intuitive and while the instructions provide good guidance, you don’t really need to call on them.

There’s something nice about prepping, pressing a button and then leaving it to work its magic. 

Unusually the steam and blend option takes your food direct from steaming to blend functionality, something I haven’t seen before, which eliminates the need for you to pop back as the final beep signals the food is prepared as set.

The blade has three different heights that provide guidance for three separate blending modes that result in a variety of textures. 

For introductory foods, parents are more likely to go for a smooth mush, whereas more established babies on their weaning journey will benefit from the chunkier textured option.

The digital display is clear and provides information such as your selected mode and countdown timers, a really handy element that you don’t always find on these machines, which takes out the guessing game based on how much water you may/may not have filled.



Cleaning the machine is really stress-free. 

It breaks down into chunky components and the main bowl can be placed on the top rack in the dishwasher; or alternatively when hand washing there’s no hard to reach bits resulting in food getting stuck so keeping it hygienic is easy.

I have previously reviewed numerous other blend and steam option and this, for me, is a fantastic value for money option at £79.99. 

Unfortunately similar types of baby prep machinery can really put pressure on your bank balance which takes it into the domain of more of a luxury item, which is a shame as it’s such a practical item that makes life so much easier for busy parents when it comes to food prep. 

Don’t get me wrong, it’s not cheap, but I feel it’s a really worthwhile investment piece.


For more information on Vital Baby’s products, visit http://www.vitalbaby.com/en-gb/product-category/feeding/food-prep/


Published: 5 January 2015



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