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Laura Loves….VAX Blade 2 MAX

VAX Blade 2 MAX

Is there any better test for a new vacuum than a busy house bustling with children?! I’m going to go with no, which might be why VAX reached out to me and offered me the chance to review their brand new cordless vacuum, the Blade 2 MAX.

I’ve never actually owned a cordless vacuum before; it’s always been a heavy plug in and go so this has been new for me. It arrived in a slim box, weighing very little and looked pretty swanky.

There’s some pretty hefty clout behind this vacuum, it claims to outperform the top 20 best-selling cordless vacuums in the UK as it performs with three times more power than VAX’s next best cordless. Independent testing has also verified that the Blade 2 MAX removes more dirt from your carpet than any other brand, so it’s a lot to live up to.

VAX Blade

I could delve into the technology (advanced microprocessor technology and a brushless motor in case you were wondering!) but for me, I think it’s more about the ease of use and performance. Quite frankly, my life is too busy and chaotic to be concerned by the how, I just need confidence in that it does what I need…or exceeds that!

Taking it out the box, I first noticed how light it is. At just tipping 3kg, it’s easy to hold and manipulate. The 2 in 1 design enables you to click a button it that transforms it into a handheld, again even lighter in weight and incredibly handy for getting into those little crooks where my kids magically seem to wedge food, and I have used it many times on the table top to clean up post dinner mess! The thin, sleek black design is a revolution to me – storage is so simple as it takes us hardly any space at all although be warned it won’t stand on its own.

As the vacuum is cordless, it needs powering up. In three hours it provides up to 45 minutes cleaning. It’s hard to time exactly how long I used it for on each charge but think I got just about 45 minutes. Fortunately, we found a storage space next to a plug so it’s stored upright thanks to the bracket it comes with, taking up minimal space, while on charge so it’s never an issue for me and I never need to vacuum for any longer than 20 minutes so the run time is perfect.

Using the vacuum is very intuitive. Click the Power button and you are off. There are a number of settings, depending on the resistance and level of dirt to capture. The Brushless Motor is the standard go to for a general clean of the surface, but for stubborn dirt, you can amplify the power with the boost, the technology that advances the energy for a higher performance.

I found when using the vacuum that initially it took some getting used to – without the weight of an upright plug in vacuum to provide the pressure, it’s a renewed mindset, and found myself putting pressure to push the head down, when actually it wasn’t required. The head is shorter in width than I’d have liked, but I found the glide, particularly on the carpet to be very easy and super smooth and due to the lightweight element, I could move it quicker and in turn cover the same, if not more area as previously used to. 

VAX Blade

Cleaning my carpets, the kids had all enjoyed some cheese sandwiches and crumbs and grated cheese galore, it effortlessly pulled it up in one sweep. A few bits of cheese got blown to the side but on second sweep it had everything up and left the carpet looking fresh and clean. However, the boost mode seemed a better fit for my hard floors, largely because the suction had better grip.

No one enjoys emptying the vacuum, I often assign that role to my husband as it’s usually messy, dusty and generally unpleasant; however it’s quite a simple process. It can hold a good capacity of dust so it’s not a regular requirement, and the hands-free nature of being able to release and drop the contents directly over the bin mean it’s not such a dirty chore. Washable filters and quick release brush bar provide easy access to clean the only parts you need to. 

The main thing I found with this vacuum was that it’s ease of use meant I could get it out the cupboard effortless at any time. Previously when I unloaded the vacuum, released the cable and plugged it in, it felt more of an effort and I would use the occasion to clean the entire house, or at very least, all of downstairs, whereas now, when the children drop a bit of food after lunch, I pop the vacuum out in seconds, clean it up, and it’s away in no time. At a relatively reasonable price point against it’s competitors, I think it’s a great flexible vacuum that will really work your surfaces hard to keep them clean, which is exactly what you need in a household of toddlers!

The VAX Blade 2 MAX is priced £249.00 and available from, in John Lewis, Currys and Argos. For more information, visit www.vax.co.uk.

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