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Laura Loves - Trunki BoostApak

Trunki BoostApak

From the guys that created the Trunki ride-on kids suitcase is the BoostApak.

This ingenious product was a life saver on a recently holiday abroad with our toddler.

While car seat rules can differ abroad we've found it's wise to adhere to those in your home country and err on the side of caution.

This is very often easier said than done as we found out the hard way!

On our recent jaunt to Mexico we had very few choices, struggling to find a place to just rent car seats we quickly cottoned on that if we were to use one we would need to take it with us.

For Group 0 baby car seats that are commonly transferred from car to car and toted around this isn't so bad, however for my toddler the thought of packing up a huge heavy car chair on top of all our luggage was a no go.

After some research I came across the Trunki BoostApak.

A rucksack that turns into a car seat for children weighing between 15 and 36kg, roughly from ages 4 to 12 which ticks off the Group 2/3 car seat sizes.

It is super lightweight, takes up minimal space and your little ones can carry it with a decent 8 litre capacity to add in their own travel essentials which are safely protected with a meshed pocket and hard plastic shell casing.

Wishing we had trailed it out at home before the pressure of a waiting car at the airport (isn't hindsight a great thing!) we found it took two/three goes we had it clicked in correctly having quickly glanced through the step by step guide.

The chair cleverly works by velcroing open to reveal a backrest and study arm rests. Parents then need to measure the child's body from bottom to shoulder using the red buckle which detaches off the strapping of the seat. Once measured you don't need to do this again, it just ensures that the fit is suited to the size of your child.

Once measured the buckle then attaches to the car's seat belt which clips in and over your child in the same way as that of an adult's. As we found, it may need some tightening just to fit is snugly, but again once you have managed to get the configuration sorted you wont need ti fuss with every use.

My daughter was quite happy sat in the seat, it has a nice height providing a good elevated view. It offered less head support than her fitted chair at home, and with long day trips where she would often fall asleep in the car this would have been a welcome extra but other than that we had no complaints.

We liked that it is very child friendly with attention to the design to please little ones with funky horns, thick harnesses and padded back panel making it comfortable for them to carry.

Parents have also been considered with features such as wipe clean materials and it has been approved by all airlines as hand luggage meaning less luggage for the hold.

While it has been created with travelling in mind, I spoke to some of my mum friends that use this chair from day to day.

Its portability means its a great second seat or with transfers to nursery where parents are swapping the drop offs/pick ups, its ideal to be left securely taking up minimal space.

Trunki seems to have really cornered the niche area of kids travel products and while they only offer a few selected items at the moment you can see that a lot of thought and attention has gone into the detail of those to maximise their longevity and usage.

Dashing through the airport the Trunki suitcases were clearly the 'must-have' kids accessory for holidays, and I also saw a lot of parents carrying BoostApaks.

The BoostApak is available in a Pink/Black or Green/Black combo priced £44.99 from www.trunki.com

by Laura Mason
Mum to 2 Under 3 and just finished maternity leave, Laura is a journalist and Mum. She enjoys reviewing products with her children, exploring new trends and more importantly, life as a mummy. 'Continuously trying to get a 'grip' of motherhood and back to a size 10!'

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