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Laura Loves The Silver Cross Wayfarer

The Silver Cross Wayfarer

Being a mum to a baby and a toddler I find myself now in a better position to review a pushchair.

Like many women when I was pregnant with my first child I hadn't really had experience in pushing a pram and had absolutely no idea of what I needed it to do other than look nice and carry my child!

Surveying my mum friends I found I'm not alone and many agreed that if they could turn back the clock they probably wouldn't have bought the pram they did.

For me, picking out a tandem pushchair with the impending arrival of baby two, practicality ruled and I remember doing research, writing a list of features and rigorously collapsing, pushing and lifting pushchairs in a bid to find 'the one!'

While I'm conscious of the features mums on the go tend to need, I'm still prone to marvel at an attractive pushchair and should it be as good behind the scenes as it is in design then even better...which brings me on to the Silver Cross Wayfarer.

With the recent furore surrounding the royal baby, a renewed shift has focused on British born brands and local products within the parent and baby world.

Silver Cross is now the only home grown pushchair brand that still manufactures its pushchairs in the UK, based in Leeds, where surprisingly a lot of the work is still hand crafted.

To give you a very brief history, Silver Cross was founded in 1877 and in the 1930s it became the brand of choice for the royal family and was awarded a royal warrant.

One of the most iconic items for me has to be its Balmoral pram that has stood the test of time with past generations - it looks so elegant and while I would find it completely impractical for transporting, storing etc, you cannot doubt it is such a beautiful piece of artwork.

If you are interested there is an updated 2013 version. Priced £1,450 it's not one to suit all budgets but where money is no object this opulent pram encompasses the tradition of Silver Cross coupled with the luxury and comfort of today.

Your money will get you a super padded mattress, hand stitched fabrics and hand painted body so attention to detail is key and I am sure some would say worth every penny! 

However, for us mere mortals after something a little cheaper, Silver Cross has also just launched the new Wayfarer.

This contemporary travel system has been no less than four years in the making with time and attention given to what the consumer wants taking into consideration factors such as weight, functionality and appearance.

We got to have a test of the pushchair and with my toddler and newborn I was happy to look at the different aspects for children throughout the years.

Excitedly getting it out the box, it was lighter than I imagined from seeing the photos – it comes in at 6.5kg so a little lighter than your average travel system.

Easy to construct, it definitely has Silver Cross' simple and sleek design features with a shiny aluminium finish and good quality fabrics.

Whereas the Surf is a little more delicate the Wayfarer has more sturdiness and from the offset you can feel its durability and immediately garner a confidence in its long term usage.

As a travel system it has the longevity and can be used from birth, either with the new Simplicity car seat attachment, carrycot or just using the seat piece in a lie flat position.

It can be used right the way through to walking toddler which is important when splashing out on pram.

The compact fold means it takes up less space than your average travel system, and the weight again means it's easier to pick up and tote around when folded.

The large shopping basket was one of my favourite features, perhaps it's because I am a shopaholic, but I always struggle to find somewhere to locate my shopping, particularly with a rounded bar for the handles.

Overall I was really impressed with this pushchair, I think they have improved on the quality of the structure compared to previous designs, and also given consideration to important features required to fit in with different environments whether it be a stroll in the country or a shopping dash in the city.

The pushchair is available in a range of seven vibrant colours with inspiration taken from no other than the designer catwalks so keep an eye out for what may be coming up next!

The Wayfarer pushchair is priced £395 with additional accessories starting from £20 from www.silvercrossbaby.com

by Laura Mason
Mum to 2 Under 2 and currently on maternity leave, Laura is a journalist and Mum. She enjoys reviewing products with her children, exploring new trends and more importantly, life as a mummy. Continuously trying to get a 'grip' of motherhood and back to a size 10!

Published: 1 January 2015

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