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Laura Loves The Nextbase Dual Car DVD Player

The Nextbase Dual Car DVD Player

“Are we nearly there yet?” – A question that brings dread to every parent in the car….especially if you've only just left your drive!

In my household long car journeys can be particularly painful, especially for my 2 year old.

For the last twelve months my husband and I have, wherever possible, limited car journeys to a maximum of 90 minutes knowing that by this stage we are likely to have two moaning voices from the back seats.

You're probably wondering where I am going with this and unfortunately this isn't a review of a new car.

Instead I was recently sent a Nextbase Dual DVD player to test out with my two kids, a gadget I hadn't really come across for some time and a potential lifesaver for those inevitable long car journeys.

The Nextbase Dual Car DVD player is a clear demonstration that portable DVD players have come on leaps and bounds.

I still wonder at the way technology has advanced since I was a kid! Portable DVD players had their heyday about 10 years ago and were all the rage but from memory the portable DVD player was more of a clunky static machine that was a heavier chunky notebook you sat on your knee with a pixelated image that constantly jumped.

Clearly not staying on top of the trend, I opened the box to two 9” flat screen TVs, a lot of wiring and some manuals – not bad!

They easily install onto the headrest and do this from the mounts included within the box.

It takes seconds thanks to the easy strapping you tie to the headrest and can be compatible with any car.

As the name suggests, it's a dual DVD player that means it comes with two screens, both a decent widescreen size at 9”.

These two screens can run simultaneously, projecting the same film on both screens or alternatively work as individual units playing two different films, a great solution for kids that want their own favourite film on.

Nextbase Dual Car DVD Player

While not recommended for little ones, they are also compatible with headphones (headphones available as extras but in ear headphone pieces come as part of the set) making it quieter for the parents, and uninterrupted for the kids.

For the technical elements, the DVD players are fairly widespread in the formats they can function with and include pretty much everything when it comes to disc types and formats so while it's always worth checking, its pretty safe to say if you have a DVD it should work on this player.

It also opens itself up to being used as a music player and if you have images you may want to include then it can support.

The image on screen for me is where it really exceeded my expectations.

The screens are high resolution LED so the image is very good quality, clear and colour is as vivid as you would expect on any latest home TV screen.

We tested it out on a visit to Devon and over a mix of bumpy motorways through to rolling hills and from what we could see there were no skips, jumps or pauses while the player caught up with itself.

For parental control, I liked the remote, makes life a lot easier when you're sat up front.

My only niggle is the price point; at nearly £150 it's a bit on the steep side.

In saying that, for occupying kids on long car journeys that are often unavoidable, there are very few alternative options and bearing that in mind it can be a great investment.

The Nextbase twin 9” portable DVD player is priced £149.99 available exclusively from Halfords www.halfords.com.

by Laura Mason
Mum to 2 Under 3 and just finished maternity leave, Laura is a journalist and Mum. She enjoys reviewing products with her children, exploring new trends and more importantly, life as a mummy. 'Continuously trying to get a 'grip' of motherhood and back to a size 10!'


Published: 26 March 2015


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