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Laura Loves the iCandy Apple 2 Pear

iCandy Apple 2 Pear

The dilemma of multiple children often brings a barrage of choices when it comes to baby equipment, and none is more important than your pushchair.

It's probably the heaviest item you will use, the one that needs to adapt most to your needs and to top it off will be one of your largest upfront costs!

However, road-testing pushchairs can be a lot of fun, especially if you aren't too daunted by the anatomy of some of the structures!

The pushchair in question for this review is the Apple 2 Pear, iCandy's two-seater option. In essence it's a single pushchair that adapts to a double with the PIP converter kit.

It's recently been revamped so is in phase two, so while it's not considered a new pushchair, it does have some advancements on the old style along with some refreshed colour pack options.

Very easy to set up after pulling it out the box, I cant see anyone getting stuck on clipping the pieces to get it into ready mode.

I've often admired the iCandy pushchairs from afar and it is an incredibly sleek and attractive pushchair - shiny aluminium frame complemented with black plastic.

As a profile in a double seat formation there's no doubt it looks slick and streamlined, however I immediately picked up on the fact that the child in the lower seat will have a slightly limited viewpoint.

A lot of double pushchairs I've come across are clunky and very heavy.

I have pushed a previous Apple 2 Pear and this was a turn off so I expected the same from this one but it claims to be 40% lighter and prior to knowing this, this struck me as a surprise as to how light and manoeuvrable it was in comparison.

I tested it thoroughly on a range of terrains where it performed extremely well and I felt quite comfortable with the overall weight also taking into consideration I was pushing two growing toddlers.

Kudos has to go to the adjustable handlebar, I am 5,4 and my husband 6,2 and we both have tested this pushchair and found really good comfort levels.

The range of extension really varies ensuring there's a level to suit a wide range of parental heights.

Size is a large consideration for a double pushchair.

As a single pushchair is looks a bit on the hefty side - this is largely down to the height and the space available between the shopping basket and seat piece (meaning lots of room for your shopping bags).

When the second seat is added it takes a top/bottom formation as opposed to a side by side so it retains the width of a standard pushchair meaning there's no limitation and you won't feel much difference other than a bit of length when steering it.

For children the seat pieces are expansive and will have the same longevity as that of a standard pushchair without any worries.

The chairs are of a really nice high quality material and the separate deep hoods provide excellent canopy that provide strong protection in all weathers.

Unusually there is no bumper bar on the seats.

On appearance it takes a while to realise exactly what is missing and while it doesn't impact the buckle lock or jeopardise the safety, for me I find it a comfort when a seat does have them as an additional level of security and they're handy for attaching toys.

My absolute favourite feature is definitely its ease of use- from the initial get go to the repeated daily use.

It is rare to come across a double that doesn't need dismantling to collapse it, especially with a second seat in place.

However, the Apple 2 Pear has been cleverly designed to eliminate this requirement so for freeing up time when humping it in and out of the car with two toddlers in tow was fantastic, a small design element that makes life so much easier.

If I were going to be negative, it would be that as a double pushchair you would need to buy the nest for a newborn as unfortunately the carrycot cannot form part of the double formation.

Nonetheless the pushchair will take two car seats - a strong plus point for parents with twins.

There are a lot of extras and add-ons to purchase (notably the colour packs to have a hood piece) but looking at the other options out there for a premium double pushchair, you are paying a comparable price and in my opinion this equates to one of the better options currently available.

The iCandy Apple 2 Pear pushchair is priced £470, PIP double converter £110 and Flavour Pack (12 options) £60, all available from www.icandyworld.com

by Laura Mason
Mum to 2 Under 3 and just finished maternity leave, Laura is a journalist and Mum. She enjoys reviewing products with her children, exploring new trends and more importantly, life as a mummy. 'Continuously trying to get a 'grip' of motherhood and back to a size 10!'

Published: 4 February 2015


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