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Laura Loves…Stokke® Tripp Trapp® Chair

Stokke® Tripp Trapp® Chair

So the lovely ladies at Stokke® shared with me that they were launching a brand new range of accessories to accentuate their popular Tripp Trapp® Chair. 

Delightedly, I was invited to review not just one or two, but three of these seats to see how my three children, now aged 2, 5 and 6 (and my husband and I but more on that later!) felt about them.

Stokke® has always been a fantastically luxury choice on the market. 

I lovingly pushed a Stokke® Trailz pushchair with pride for many years so I feel a little bit qualified to gush over the brand.

Since becoming a parent six a half years ago, I have noted that some brands continue to push out new products, whereas Stokke® has really kept with more of a core offering making tweaks and evolving these select few along the way, rather than extending the range too much. 

The Tripp Trapp® high chair is a classic example – it’s designed for use from birth right that way to adulthood – how’s that for longevity so what more do you need?! 


With a classic Scandi design, this chair (calling it a highchair seems like it’s doing it an injustice) hasn’t changed much since it’s original design back in 1972. 

It features a solid, modern wooden design that mimics a reverse ‘L’ shape with two-tiered seat/foot piece. 

The simplistic design ensures it’s easy to clean with no annoying nooks and crannies, and the high quality beech wood means it doesn’t wear like other materials would over time.

For babies, I really like that the Tripp Trapp® Chair can really be mixed up based on your baby’s size, weight and parents’ preference for locating baby at meal times. 

You will need to fork out for the extras but they revolutionise the chair to make it fit for many purposes in money you would have probably spent elsewhere building bits of baby kit. 


The Newborn Set makes it more of a baby chair, and then from six months, the Baby Set works the standard chair as more of your conventional highchair – perfect ergonomic back piece and supportive chair restraints to bring baby up close to the dining, or with harness and tray table works well as a standalone chair. 


Post toddler era, it can be used as a standard chair – no belts, buckles, trays etc, just a chair that sits neatly under your table and can take up to the weight of a fully grown adult. 

Because it looks like an ordinary chair, my older children have absolutely no qualms and don’t even relate it to a high chair.

Moving on and getting to the really exciting elements I cannot wait to share with you – it has to be the colours. 

The Tripp Trapp® Chairs are available in an array of classy colours ranging from pops of purple and green, to varying natural woody shades and stains. 

The great thing is that they can either be a standout feature because of their iconic design and colour, or work well with an established colour scheme you already have. 

As we are having a new kitchen, we decided to go all out with a green, purple and grey chair. 

If the children ever forgot which colour was theirs (unlikely!), we also took advantage of Stokke’s engraving service to have their names etched onto the reverse, a really cute feature that the bigger two especially love and take pride in. 


Taking it one step forward, and the latest addition to Stokke®, are the new accessories that accentuate these chairs and can make them truly individual in your home. 

The new stylish Junior Cushion, £39, can be added for a softer overlay on the seat for little bums aged around three. 

This simple cover has a gripped bottom to prevent it from moving, and it sits flushly on the chair for longer-term comfort. 

Available in a Jade or Slate Twill, paired with one of the contrasting colours, it makes for a fab standout piece, or paired with a complimentary-coloured chair, just adds a little finesse to the overall look.


Not forgetting about us big kids, they have even designed an Adult Cushion, £42, in Slate Twill so you can twin with your little one, or rock out your own personal style. 

I for one, keep making a beeline to use the kids chairs, as they don’t just look good, but a wide, deep seat piece now cushioned means they’re not just roomy for my big bottom, but equally as comfy too! 


For more information on the Stokke Tripp Trapp® and new accessories, visit www.stokke.co.uk.


Published: 24 April 2018




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