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Laura Loves…Start-Rite School Shoes

Start-Rite School Shoes

It’s half way through summer break and thoughts start to turn towards the return to routine next month. 

There’s always a big list of essentials that seems to grow with your child. 

One of the most important for me is the purchase of new shoes for pre-school/school year ahead.

I’ve always felt foot hygiene and support is of upmost importance for my children. 

While I am happy to scrimp and save in some areas, I have always gone for quality when it comes to shoes, a value my mum had and has passed down to me. 

I also think when making such an expensive purchase that I want something that will last the duration of the school year, with the only need to change if my child’s feet undergo a growth spurt and dictate so.

Last year, I moved away from another brand and selected Start-Rite shoes for my two eldest children (my youngest toddler also wears the brand but is more a fan of being carried about than walking!) 

For anyone with an energetic Reception-aged child, you will appreciate the general wear and tear that the shoes have to withstand. 

Climbing trees, running around at break times, shuffling around play areas with their friends, jumping in puddles, it is the ultimate test of endurance.

Both Grace and Noah’s shoes did excellent.  Noah’s took a bit more of a battering, and safe to say they were past their best, but Grace finished up school in July with hers looking as new, no mean feat for patent shoes. 

Therefore, it was a definite no brainer and we decided to go for Start-Rite again this year.  Start-Rite is an established footwear brand that is incredibly popular with mothers looking to dress those tiny toes. 

The shoes are perfect for flexibility and support with natural movement at key developmental stages.

For Grace this year I selected the ‘Poppy’ shoe and for Noah, the ‘Extreme Piri’. 

The Poppy, available in patent and natural leather is a T-bar neat shoe that, for me, really oozes style and quality. 

I quite like the more simple, traditional style of shoe and the design is just that without any faddy airs and graces. 

The premium quality just enhances the look. 

The lining is well padded, and provides support around the heels and ankles, and the outer material is a quality patent with plenty of flex for the foot to move freely.

The Extreme Piri is more of an engineered shoe, using some of the best of Start-Rite’s technology to make it as robust and durable as possible but without the clunkiness. 

The toe bumper extends wrapping around the shoe making it sturdy and protective to the shoe and foot itself.

The grooves in the tread are really deep and rigid providing excellent grip.

While the shoes look all shiny and new the children have been wearing them in and have only reported good things. 

Not sure if it’s the new shoes or excitement to return to school – crazy kids!

Start-Rite’s shoes are available in a wide range of widths and full and half sizes to help you find a shoe crafted perfectly to your child’s feet and not the other way around. 

To make it an easier process, you can also download the Start-Rite app on your phone where you can measure your children’s feet and shop online if you’d prefer to stay away from the growing crowds often found in store at this time of year.


For more information and to see the full school range of Start-Rite school shoes, visit www.startriteshoes.com.

Published: 15 August 2018


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