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Laura Loves… Snuza® HeroMD

Snuza® HeroMD

It’s so nerve racking being a parent, even pre-parenting your mind is a constant thought-path of what is currently happening, what will happen next etc.

As soon as baby is born, there are then so many more worries and you are forever wanting to protect them from everything in the world around them.

Breathing is one of these big concerns for me.

Some people say it’s first time parents that tend to be more on edge, and while you may relax a teeny bit, each baby has been an equal concern for me as you realise how precious new life is.

When a baby is born their natural breathing patterns fluctuate, and even more so for a preemie.

As a parent still getting to know your baby, it’s hard to know if this is an irregular pattern or something of greater concern so the Snuza® HeroMD is literally a lifeline to parents that want a constant assurance that their babies are fine.

It has also been medically certified, so a great endorsement by the professionals too.

When it comes to baby monitoring there’s a wide range of audio, visual and movement sensors, but for breathing very few which is why I love this monitor.

It’s a small wearable device that easily clips onto baby’s nappy or around the waist point of their clothing.

This in itself seems a little risky, however testing it with my friend’s newborn, Maya, it’s not very intrusive and the fact that newborns aren’t in to grabbing or even rolling, it doesn’t affect their movements, mobility or general (reluctance to!) sleep in any way. 

The Snuza® HeroMD is really simple to use.

They’ve kept it to the basics so there’s no data monitoring, it’s all live and in the moment.

Thus, no companion apps to download or settings to keep messing with, you switch it on with the flick of a switch and if you’re happy with the recommended default settings, you just need to swot up on the alarm signals then good to go.

The tip of the monitor is encased in a small pod and it is this that measures your bay’s breathing via their abdominal movements, which indicate breathing pattern.  

It tracks at eight breaths per minute so if breathing falls below this it alerts parents.

If there’s been no breathing detected for 15 seconds, it gently rouses your baby with a soft vibration, similar to that on your phone, in a bid to not wake them, but gently prompt them out of their deep sleep to help get them back into a regular breathing motion.

Fortunately we didn’t experience the alarm element to the device but should no breathing be detected after three vibrations, a repeated audio warning alerts parents, followed by a further five seconds which has a sharper audible alarm.

With any technical pieces of kit, and something I have found in some of the movement sensor pads in the past, there’s the concern that it’s trial and error and/or not working correctly.

However, there’s a very clear battery indicator light, so you have plenty of advance notice if the battery is low (no cords or wires, just battery operated) and visual indicator lights shine along with low level clicker noise to assure parents it is working and correctly monitoring general breathing.

The size of the Snuza® HeroMD makes it a handy product to pop into your change bag and take with you on the go too.

This is a fantastic product that provides a reliable source of reassurance for parents.

Unfortunately, we cannot watch over or precious babies 24/7, but to know that they are being monitored, even while we sleep, is such a comforting thought and one less thing to worry about in those early days.


Snuza® HeroMD is priced £79.99. For more information, visit https://www.snuza.com/breathing-monitors/snuza-heromd/


Published: 7 July 2018


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