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Laura Loves…smarTrike Folding Trike 700

smarTrike Folding Trike 700

Kiddie biking life in the Mason household started off with a SmarTrike.

I still have it somewhere in the garage, a beautiful blue leaf print, and in its prime I thought it was pretty hot stuff.

Roll on six years and I’m frequently spotting some new SmarTrike kids on the block, in some pretty flash wheels so we are back for a new review and this time we are most definitely leading the trend!

SmarTrike’s latest offering to the market is the 700, a folding contraption that immediately gets my attention.

It comes in a handy carry bag, which is good for protecting it during storage or transportation.

Simple to set up, you need no tools or accessories and can quickly snap on the wheels before you’re good to go.

The main selling point for me is that it folds into a relatively small box shape that is 85% smaller than it’s full size.

Trikes, garden games, bikes etc fill my garage and take up so much space so I am really conscious of how.

The SmarTrike 700 is suitable for little ones from six months through to a pretty impressive three years and with that comes a lot of flexibility and adaptation to alter the trike to meet the growing needs of your child that I like.

It comes with clear picture recommendations on formation for each different age to provide guidance for best use of the trike.

In essence it starts off as a baby trike that requires no input from your child other than sitting pretty while being pushed, but with simple changes takes them through to a self-steering and peddling trike that they can independently ride away.

For babies, elements such as the parent facing high back chair (that also reclines!) and foot rest provide that comfort, while the five point harness and canopy tick off the need for that additional security and comfort you want from a ride.

Pushing it as a parent, it works similarly to my old SmarTrike, with a pushchair movement so you gradually steer in to the required direction as opposed to any harsh twists and turns.

The telescopic handle makes for a natural height not just for me, but also for my older children that like to get in on the action and push their little sister.

The SmarTrike 700 also features built in shock absorbers, I must admit ‘smooth ride’ didn’t shout out at me, but perhaps without this element it would have been a rougher ride.

Another element of mention is the fantastic spacious storage.

If you are using it instead of a pushchair, parents can take advantage of the underneath covered storage or hand pocket for easy access for all of those baby essentials.

The great thing about SmarTrikes is that they’re a fun alternative to your pushchair.

As soon as children can support themself in a sitting position, it’s perfect for short journeys, whether it’s to the park or on the school run.

Probably less ideal for a long outing to the shops but it’s nice to mix things up a little sometimes.

The SmarTrike Folding Trike 700 is priced £149.99 from Mothercare.


Published: 13 December 2017


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