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Laura Loves… Smarter iKettle


We’ve all been there, without even realising it we have somehow bypassed feeling thirsty and are now gasping for a drink.

It always seem to come at the most inconvenient of times – mid breastfeeding or when your newborn has finally fallen asleep…but it just so happens that it’s in your arms and you daren’t move an inch let alone stomp to the kitchen.


Well this is where the iKettle comes in to it’s own.

I’d love to say it will make a hot bevvy and bring it to you, but perhaps technology hasn’t come on that far yet, but this isn’t half bad.

The iKettle is a digital kettle that allows you to remotely boil it up from anywhere you like via the Smarter app which is available on iOS and Android.

Research informs me that we waste a staggering 33 hours a year waiting for the kettle to boil – I am not sure who has the time to time these things but I’ll run with it!

The kettle itself is die-cast stainless steel and looks and operates as per your usual kitchen kettle.

I should add that you could even use it as you would a normal kettle before I get in to the more techie aspects to it.

iKettle app

There’s so many benefits to this nifty idea – on a personal note it’s a great time saver when lying in bed to walk downstairs and have a boiled kettle ready for mixing up a morning coffee, or mid nappy change to get a head start on milk formula prep.

So how exactly does it work?

The app is a smarter than I initially gave it credit for. It’s not just a simple boil on the go; it has a number of modes that push the remits of what it can do.

‘Wake up’ mode is an alarm that wakes you in sync with the kettle boiling.

‘Home’ mode is a pre set function to have your kettle boiled and ready for the time you set it when you walk through the front door, and ‘Formula’ mode assists night feeds with a sensor for heating water for baby formula. 

Delving further into ‘Formula’ mode, it’s great for setting as soon as you start to hear your baby waking or for projected wake times.

On the simple app, you set the temperature you want the water to boil and cool to and it then sends an alert once the water is at your desired temperature.

This allows parents to spend more time in bed or tending to their baby and less time pacing and testing temperatures in that usual panic mode as you desperately wait for the milk to cool.

In addition, the app is linked to other key information and functionality, such as water sensor, so you’re not trying to boil an empty kettle and the flexibility to warm your water anywhere between 20 and 100 degrees.

I really like the option that comes to keep the boiled water warm for up to 40 minutes.

As a parent to a newborn, cooled boiled water is a valuable commodity - ideal for wiping delicate bums, sticky eyes etc, and having it at a usable temperature having being previously boiled for safety is great.

For those that have invested in Amazon’s Alexa the iKettle can be linked for voice command, and even smarter, Nest’s baby monitor so that when your baby starts to stir before waking, it can kick in to ‘Formula’ mode – now that’s pretty smart!


Smarter iKettle - 3rd Generation is priced £99.99. Further details can be found at www.smarter.am.


Published: 13 November 2017


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