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Laura Loves…Shaken Udder and Little Judes

Shaken Udder and Little Judes

There are a couple of new healthy refrigerated food snacks/drinks hitting the supermarket shelves and my kiddies were lucky enough to get their hands on some to really put the goodness to the taste test to see if it’s all it’s cracked up to be!


Shaken Udder YogOaty Pouches

The first product we were sent to try was YogOaty Pouches from milkshake brand Shaken Udder.

Oats are fast becoming the favoured source of brekkie for health-conscious adults so it makes sense that we should pass this on this to our children, and by making it fun and tasty using natural fruit and yogurt, it sounds like a win-win.

The new pouches are available in three paired flavour combinations - Mega Mango & Peach, Smashing Strawberry & Banana and Awesome Apricot & Vanilla.


The kids couldn’t wait to get their hands on these.

The packaging is bright, animated and fun with humorous animations so they immediately think they’re in for something enjoyable.

Trying it they all finished them within seconds, which speaks volumes!

The nice thing about using the kids as testers is that they don’t sugar coat things - if they don’t like it, I’ll know right away, especially Marley, who at aged (very nearly!) two has perfected that ‘yucky’ face!

What I really liked, and didn’t expect, about these is that there’s no bits.

It’s a smooth texture, and despite having no added sugars etc, the flavours of the natural fruit add a nice natural sweetness that makes it tasty and hides the fact it’s a healthier snack. 

Jam-packed with calcium, protein, vitamins and the benefits of slow release oats, they’re a great option for children.

They make a really handy quick breakfast option, snack or just on-the-go treat, which went down perfectly with my kids young and old.

YogOaty Pouches are available between 75p and £1 from Tesco. For more information, visit www.shakenudder.com.


Little Jude’s Milk

Onto our next treat and it’s another brand branching out.

This time Little Jude’s, who are known for their yummy ice creams and milk lollies.

They have added two flavoured milks that launched just a couple of weeks ago.

Available in handy cartons, the milk flavours come in a banana or chocolate flavour using 100% naturally sourced ingredients.

A reassuring seal of approval comes in the fact the product is ‘Schools Compliant’, which basically means it complies with all the latest government guidelines for a healthy diet for school-aged children.

 Little Judes Banana milk

The cool packaging is very akin to the contents inside – simple yellow/white strip for banana and brown/white for the chocolate so there’s no messing about, you know what you’re getting!

Presenting the milks to my children had a slightly mixed review.

The two girls, with a naturally sweeter tooth, absolutely loved the chocolate milk, but a little more unsure of the banana; whereas my son much preferred the banana more than the chocolate.

I sampled both myself, and I too have a sweeter tooth so could taste the appeal in the chocolate milk as to me it was sweeter and had a prominent chocolate taste, whereas the banana flavour I felt you could taste the honey sweetener more and it has a lighter, more refreshing appeal which I didn’t necessarily expect.

Both tasted great, and like anything you tend to prefer different tastes dependant on personal preference so I like the two flavour choices on offer.

 Little Jude's Chocolate milk

Beforehand, I imagined Little Jude’s milks to be more milkshake-y – thicker consistency, heavier and more synthetic, all traits that clearly lack a lot of nutritional elements that they advertise. 

Thus, the harder task for me was viewing these yummy drinks as a good source of vitamin D and calcium and a healthy drink for children as opposed to a ‘naughty’ treat.

A lot of this ideology simply boils down to me breaking down my own opinions and general public perception when it comes to a flavoured milk product so more than happy to give these a huge thumbs up from me and the kids as a great tasting drink that is bursting with health benefits.

Little Judes Chocolate Milk and Banana Milk are priced £1.25 and available from selected Sainsbury’s stores, Ocado and independent cafes. For more information, visit www.judes.co.uk.


Published: 6 February 2018


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