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Laura Loves… RCA by Venturer Tablets

RCA by Venturer Tablets

It’s amazing how quickly little hands become so au fait with technology – whether it’s watching their favourite recorded film on the Sky remote or navigating their way to their favourite game on my phone.

It’s becoming more and more important to keep the next generation up to speed with technology and there’s many learning and educational benefits that come with it.

Thus, when we were invited to review two Ventura products we jumped at the chance, especially as we are a household void of a family tablet – shock horror!

Audio and video manufacturer, Venturer, may not be your household go to name for a tablet, but it’s one I have recently become more aware of, and am impressed with their range of value for money family friendly tablets.

Last year they launched a 2 in 1 Windows notebook, and to add to this collection, two new bits of kit – Mercury 7L and Saturn 10 Pro - RCA Android tablets.

 Ventura Tablet

Mercury 7L

The Mercury 7L is the smaller of the two with a chunky 7” touch screen display. Comparing it to others on the market, it’s a good rival to the Amazon Fire if you’re familiar with that tablet.

It’s a great size for parents to view content comfortably, but also for children to navigate round with smaller hand sizes.

It comes with built in Wi-Fi capability which makes it ideal for surfing the net and introducing the children to the internet with security measures on.

For this reason, we have used it frequently for entertainment while travelling, so the kids can use it in the car for long journeys, and short stays away it has come in handy with accessing games and listening to music when other options haven’t been available.

The camera also enables video calling and taking photos which my kids just love to do!

On the tech side, it comes with 8GB of internal memory, and has the ability to transfer data with Micro SD and USB ports for linking to other devices.

If you’re going to be uploading music and a lot of apps then this feature will definitely come in handy.

I found it a little on the sluggish side at times, and that may simply be down to my patience, but the more you demand from it, it can get a little testing, however the kids didn’t seem to pick up on this.

The Android 6 operating system, Marshmellow, is preloaded and really intuitive and easy to navigate.

You will confidently find all the uploaded content you’ll need as standard including Google Play, while the Play Store can accommodate more specific requirements.


My favourite feature is the price – not even breaking the £50 mark, it comes in at £49.99, so it’s excellent value for money for everyday use, and it’s not so indulgent that you have a fear every time you see your toddler reaching for it.

It’s a great all round tablet, that is super easy to use and has all your basic functionality that you and your kids need for getting creative, listening to music, taking photos and browsing the internet at a fab price.


Saturn 10 Pro

This tablet is available at a slightly higher price point - £129.99 - but is more of a hardy tablet, albeit still incredibly lightweight.

It features 1GB RAM and a larger, more usable internal memory of 32GB so right there you know it’s functionality is that much greater.

Again, it has high definition clarity with the screen, albeit it’s a little on the dim side, and comes with the built in WiFi and speakers that the Mercury 7L also features.


We loved the two-way camera – at 2 megapixels, it produces better quality images, and for this reason is a stronger contender for taking on holidays and recording those key moments if you prefer to capture images on a tablet over your mobile phone.

The Saturn 10 Pro also features a detachable keyboard and track pad, a feature often found on tablets at a much higher price point.

For working, I personally prefer a keyboard, hence the reason we’ve not really invested in a tablet before, so this gives the best of both worlds as it magnetically attaches which basically transforms it from a lightweight tablet to a laptop.

The keyboard is comfortable to use and the strokes flowed well for me without being too cramped as I tapped along.

The laptop-style functionality brings many benefits to professionals that want the ease of a tablet with the working benefits of a laptop ranging from casual Internet surfing to producing complex documents.

The fix of the keyboard also acts a suitable docking stand for propping up the tablet hands free for a better viewing experience.


The tablet also features Bluetooth, GPS, UBS and HDMI outputs for linking up to your TV for further use options.

This tablet seemed sturdier and more solid than the Mercury 7L, but at over double the cost, it’s an additional level of vigour that you come to expect to protects the tablet when hitting over the £100 mark.

Two really good budget tablets suitable for young and old that are incredibly easy to use for everyday needs at a really great price.


The Ventura RCA tablets can both be purchased at www.asda.com. For more information on Venturer’s RCA tablets, visit www.venturer.com


Published: 16 August 2018


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