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Laura Loves…Prosecco


Ha ha, Laura Loves Prosecco, of course I do!!! So, of course this is an easy write up. 

To coincide with National Prosecco Day on 15 August, (who knew!) I thought I’d round up some of the best Prosecco-related products – whether it’s one to indulge in after a tough day parenting, a gift to celebrate a new welcome to the world, or just a fun weekend pick me up….. 


Prosecco - Mionetto

No mean feat, the world’s bestselling Prosecco, Mionetto, is made in Valdobbiadene, in the heart of the Prosecco region in Northern Italy. 

This well-structured sparkling Prosecco stands out for its luminous straw yellow hue and for its emphatic, yet stylish mousse.

The bouquet is redolent of Golden Delicious apple, with aromatic notes of honey, black liquorice, and acacia blossom.

Priced £11 from Tesco


Prosecco - I Heart Prosecco

This just says it all on the bottle - I Heart Prosecco is bursting with classic acacia flower aromas and delicate apple and peach flavours. 

This light sparkling wine is delicious on its own or for pre-dinner drinks. Priced £8.50 from Ocado. 


Prosecco – Villa Oppi

A sparkling speciality from the Veneto region of Italy, this little number is made by the historic Villa Oppi estate and it has a unique, fruity secret.

Made with a modern twist, it has a gentle infusion of strawberries, creating the most delectable sparkling, sweet-strawberry mouthful, and a shimmering ruby red colour. Priced £9.99 from www.thewinedrinker.co.uk  


Grow Your Own Prosecco

Take pride in your own blend with a DIY kit that contains everything you need to grow your own Prosecco grapes at home. 

With instruction booklets and all the equipment to hand, surely it’s foolproof! Priced £12.99 from Ocado.


‘Sparkle’ Fizz Advent Calendar

I know it’s not Christmas yet, but I stumbled across these AMAZING Prosecco advent calendars that go on sale on National Prosecco Day – I guess no one says that have to be used for the month of December! 

Each door hides a 20cl bottle of the fizz so you can have a sample of various flavours to find your fave.  Priced £125 from www.first4hampers.com


Huskey Prosecco Fridge

Wondering where you’ll store all your Prosecco (or anything else for that matter!)

This Prosecco fridge is perfect for storing up to 12 bottles of fizz, with a fun slogan on the front that will liven up a kitchen.  Priced £149.99 from Argos.



Not content with an average glass of Prosecco, it’s time to pimp up your Prosecco with these fab drinks accessories from Popaball. 

Select from a Rose Gold Shimmer or flavour-filled Bursting Bubbles to add a glimmer and extra fizz to your drink.  Priced from £3.79 from Lakeland.


Pops Bellini Prosecco Ice Popsicles

Not content with an average orange or strawberry cool down treat, the Pops ice delicacies bring a whole new level to a yummy iced treat. 

Strictly one for mummy’s only! Priced £5.99 from Ocado.


Glitter Jam

A delightfully Prosecco raspberry glitter jam that tastes as good as it looks! 

Handmade in the north, it has big chunks of raspberry to produce a sweet and indulgent taste. 

Priced £3.99 from www.popaball.co.uk


Prosecco Flavouring

If you’re after a taste of the real thing in your cooking then this by Sainsbury's Prosecco flavouring is ideal for adding a splash of flavour to your next star bake!


Prosecco Mini Cupcakes

And if you don’t even fancy doing the baking yourself, then these delicious Prosecco-flavoured cupcakes from Sainsbury’s Taste the Difference range means you can spend more time indulging, without putting the hard work in. 

Priced £2.65 from Sainsbury’s.



Scribbler definitely have nailed their Prosecco range. 

From the new take on your popcorn, to Prosecco-flavoured lip balms and this funky Prosecco pillow that just about says it all in my book – “Pass me the Prosecco and watch me get fabulous!”

The range starts from £1.99.


Buttermilk Strawberry Bellini Fudge

This crumbly fudge is melt in the mouth type of stuff. 

They have infused strawberries with a little pop surprise to provide an exciting twist to your typical fudge treat.  Priced £2.99 from www.buttermilk.co.uk


Published: 7 August 2018



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