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OXO Tot potty chair

OXO Tot, the brand behind the pretty funky high chairs has launched a couple of new products fresh for the New Year.   

This time they’re targeting the age-old issue of potty training! Two new products – Step Stool and Potty Chair – have both been designed to make the process a little easier. 

The first product, the Step Stool, is as the name suggests, a handy step for little feet to reach all the sink amenities.

Standing at 7” it’s a suitable depth for toddlers that suitably accelerate them to the needed height without effort.

It’s a simple product, and yes you can pick one up from pretty much any home store, but what I do like is that the surface space of this one is that much larger for better footing (or bigger bottoms if they’re anything like my children!) which ultimately leads to improved confidence.

The surface also has a non-slip grip to minimise any slips or falls.

Aside form the basics, it’s incredibly lightweight and has two handy soft lined handles making it easy for kids to transport round the house as well as the adults!

White Step Stool

The second product is the Potty Chair, again saying exactly what’s on the tin!

One of the biggest qualms about potty training is the tireless need to anticipate a toilet trip at any second so having something easily transported round the house is perfect.

Yes a conventional potty will do this, but from experience I know that there can be a bit of slopping about with this, and it’s generally unpleasant for all concerned!

This Potty Chair integrates the potty element into a simple seat design with benefit of a supportive backrest.

As we are currently approaching potty training age with Marley, we have started placing this round the house as a prompt, and found she really enjoys sitting on it at leisure to watch TV or play with her toys, which is testament to the general comfort (still no wees though!)

Back to my original thought, and the key selling point with this for me is the shape of the bowl which features steep sides and is a nice depth so even when your little ones decide to try and empty it themselves, it minimises splash back issues that are far too common with transporting from potty to toilet.

The integrated back handle is a good help too. 

Two good simple products to add to the OXO Tot family that look modern and will make a good addition to any home without it looking too overran with bits of kid’s kit.


The OXO Tot Step Stool is priced £18 and the Potty Chair is priced £26.


Published: 14 February 2018 


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