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Laura Loves…Netatmo Healthy Home Coach

Netatmo Healthy Home Coach

This product from Netatmo is one of those gadgets that can tell you so much more than you realised possible.

It’s a sleek-looking sensor that measures humidity, air quality, noise and temperature from inside the home.

The great thing about the Healthy Home Coach when it comes to kids is that it can help you pinpoint the perfect conditions to help your little go to sleep, or if they’re prone to any allergies help you maintain the optimum levels.

As opposed to getting you to fix things and make drastic change, it allows you to monitor and review your settings on the companion app so you can make little tweaks as and when you feel necessary.

Maintaining the best air quality within your home is something I’d not thought about too much – we do a lot on autopilot – install carbon monoxide alarms, open windows when it’s hot, turn on the heating when it’s cold, close doors if it’s too loud, so subconsciously I am already ticking boxes to provide the best comfort and wellbeing for my babies.

Researching triggers, it is interesting to read that a negative balance in the air can trigger sleeplessness, productivity, headaches, colds and allergies.

I think for families that are prone to any of the above, or just generally looking for ways to improve their lifestyle, it provides a great opportunity to see if a change in conditions can improve things.

So as mentions, it tracks the following:

Humidity - Many of us own a de/humidifier but does anyone actually know when it should be on or off – maybe when your little one has a cold, but other than that we are just guessing.

Dryness in the air can be very irritating to skin and nasal passages and also create static in the air, which makes clothing and blankets stick together.

Air Quality – Believe it or not, the quality of the air inside your home could be worse than that outside. Not a nice thought but very real one – poor ventilation, dust, lotions and potions used within the home are all triggers for poor air quality.

Noise – Probably my largest bugbear in the summer months when it comes to trying to get little ones off to sleep – enough said!

Temperature – Knowing the precise temperature can help you dress your child accordingly, whether that’s for bed in a certain tog sleeping bag or just for the day ahead.



To operate, you plug in the Healthy Home Coach and tap the top of it and a light signal (blue for good through to red for bad) indicates the conditions for that particular room.

An alarm sounds if there’s an issue that needs addressing so you don’t need to be overseeing anything if you prefer to leave it to work it’s magic.

It’s so small and light that you can move it easily from room to room and track readings by space.

There’s argument to question if this is just another marketer’s dream in selling you something you didn’t even need, but I have to disagree – there’s definitely a place for this.

A thermometer alone is an essential for parents, as is a good night’s sleep for everyone in my household so you may as well invest extra, particularly if the air quality is a large consideration for your family’s comfort.

Looking through the app, it can become a little addictive as you start investigating the discrepancies from the past 24 hours.

The app displays a simple red/amber/green guide to indicate condition suitability based on the profiles you create ranging from little ones and families.

The Netatmo Healthy Home Coach is a great piece of kit that is insightful and educational, and makes a real difference to those seeking a healthier home.


The Netatmo Healthy Home Coach is priced £89.99. For more information, visit www.netatmo.com.


Published: 7 June 2018


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